The Sleepover- The Pack Ships

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The Pack college sleepover AU (it was meant to high-school but I changed it so they're working full time or at least part time and are living with their respective partners. Mitch and Jerome live with Mitch's parents while they save up for a house.)

P.S. This is mostly Merome.

Mitch's P.O.V.

"Rob, my mum said you can all come around tonight, her and my brother are both out so it'll just be us." His face lit up like a lightbulb on the other side of the screen and he yelled over his shoulder for his boyfriend, who was just out of sight.

"Preston! Sleepover at Mitch's tonight!?" There was a pause and then a faint reply. "He said yeah, what about your boy and tol bean and smol bean?" I shrugged.

"Jerome's coming but I haven't asked the other two just yet so I'll text you in a minute and tell you." I heard the click of his mouse and then he grinned.

"Okay we'll see you there, is 4 okay?" Another nod and I ended the call with him, glancing over at my bed to see my boyfriend, still fast asleep.

He had been asleep for a few hours by that point, having returned from working the bridge shift between the night and day shifts at the hospital earlier that day. I knew I would have to wake him up soon otherwise he would never sleep that night.


"Hey Vikky! Sleepover at mine tonight, everyone else is coming, you guys up for it?" He glanced over his shoulder into the dark room at his younger boyfriend, who was sat on the bed behind him with his phone in hand.

"You up for it Lachy?" Lachlan shrugged and Vikk bit his lip, running his hand through his hair. "I dunno Mitch, maybe just hanging out but I'm sure staying the night would be a good idea."

I thought for a second. The two, more specifically Lachlan, didn't appreciate being around loud noises or in crowded environments for long so tried to stay well away from it. They never took public transportation unless it was absolutely necessary and it was a nightmare when they were in school because neither of them could stand the buses.

"You could stay in my brothers room if you want, hang out with us for a bit and then go when you want to sleep." Vikk thought about the proposition for a good minute before turning off his microphone and turning to Lachlan.

They talked for a good minute, hands intertwined, before Vikk came back to his computer and turned the microphone back on. He nodded.

"We'll come and we'll see how we feel at the time, who knows, you guys might fall asleep early too. We're already both tired and from what I can tell, Jerome is too." I nodded, knowing it would be likely that they would stay, just to avoid being awkward.

"Okay, I'll see you at 4?" There was a nod from Vikk and a shy smile over his shoulder from Lachlan before the call was ended.

I turned to Jerome, still asleep and snoring slightly.

"Jerome?" I pounced onto the bed beside him and startled him awake, almost making him fall to the ground. "The boys are all coming over to stay the night to you need," I jumped again. "To get up."


"Hello? Mitch!? We're here!!!" I heard the call from downstairs just as Jerome and I were setting up our room with mattresses, blankets, pillows and our television, everything you could need for a sleepover.

Jerome and I clattered down the stairs to see Preston and Rob standing in the doorway with a bag of food and kicking off their shoes into the pile beside the door. Preston's face lit up when he saw us and he launched forwards to give me a huge hug.

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