Part 31- The Sleepover

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I changed a bit of things in the last chapter/part. KC is now Nana, Nana told everyone her secret a few days after Zane and Nana started dating.

Jess' Pov

Everyone was now at Asgard and we were playing Truth or Dare, I was thinking of visiting the kids since they are alway's with us "Sly truth or dare?" Cadenza asked bringing me back to reality "Dare" Sly said "I dare you to make out Kawaii~Chan on the lips" Cadenza said and everyone except me gasped "Does she not know that Sly and Nana are both--" Jose said but was cut off by me "No she doesn't" I said "You didn't tell her?" Alex asked "She never asked" I said and stood up and Zane did too "Just do it already" Cadenza said "F-Fine.." Sly said and him and Nana started making out, I couldn't take it anymore and ran to the garden and sit on the grass. A few minutes later, I saw Sly running to me panting "I am so sorry Jess" Sly said gasping for air "I knew it could happen" I said and Sly sat beside me "Still" Sly said "I knew that, that dare was going to come anytime soon" I said, my voice cracking a little "If only I didn't pick dare.." Sly said "You told me that even if I blame something on myself it won't do anything, You need to do the same" I said "But Jess.." Sly said and I put a finger on his mouth as tears streamed down my face "It already happened Sly" I said "Jess.." Sly said and I kissed him "It's fine Sly, It's fine" I said hugged Sly as he hugged back "Jess.." Sly said "Sly, It's okay" I said and continued crying, then after a while we broke the hug "You ready to go back?" I ask "I am" Sly said "And Sly?" I ask "Yea?" Sly asked "Don't blame anything on anyone, Even yourself" I said "Kay, You too" Sly said "Kay" I said and we went back and Sly sat down and I went to the kitchen.

Zane's Pov

After I saw Jess run away, I started running too, Sly is my friend but still. I sit on the grass and see Nana running to me a few minutes later "Zane!" Nana yelled "I'm sorry Zane" Nana said and sat beside me "It's okay Nana" I said "But Zane, I had to make out with Sly" Nana said "It was a dare, Nana, It's okay" I said and she hugged me and cried "I'm sorry Zane" Nana said "It's okay Nana" I said and hugged her back and she just cried. After a few minutes she stopped crying then we let go of the hug "Jess told me when I joined that nothing will happen if you blame yourself or anyone" I said "Okay, I won't blame myself anymore" Nana said and we went back "Hey guys" I said and sat down.

Jess' Pov

I got in the kitchen and chef Ramsey wasn't here, He isn't here because I told him to take a break and I cooked some pizza. After the pizza was finished I went out of the kitchen with a pizza cutter and I sat beside Sly and cut the pizza "Get some" I said and everyone got one and we ate, After we finished our pizza we all decided that we won't play any game anymore because of the dare Cadenza said awhile ago "We actually never said 'Thank you' for helping us when we got Nekoette so thanks" Zane said "Yeah, thanks Jess and Sly" Nana said "No problem!" Sly and I said "So Jess, Do you still love Sly?" Jose asked "Well... Yes? I mean, It's just a dare and he had to do it but yeah" I said and I lied on Sly's lap and Nana was already asleep on Zane's lap.

Sly's Pov

After Jess answered Jose's question Jess lied on my lap feel asleep, I look at Zane and see KC fell asleep on Zane's lap "How about you Zane? Do you still love KC?" Jose asked "Yeah I do, Kawaii~Chan just had a small break down" Zane said and looked at Nana "Wait, Sly are you married to Jess?" Cadenza asked "Yeah" I said "And Zane with KC?" Cadenza asked "Yes" Zane said "You guys, I am so sorry I never knew" Cadenza said "It's fine Cadenza" Pbat said "As Jess said it was just a dare" Katz said "I know and I'm also sorry about my brother, He doesn't know when to not go into his form" Cadenza said "It's fine" Alex said and I looked down and Jess was sleeping "Two of them are already asleep" Lucinda said "Jess had a lot of thing's to do" I said "Kawaii~Chan cried awhile ago so it makes sense why she's sleepy" Zane said "I just noticed this from Cadenza but I'm not sure if it's true" Alex said and we looked at him "What is it, Alex?" I ask "Tell me if it is true or not Cadenza" Alex said and Cadenza nodded "Have any shadow knight's tried to attack you before?" Alex asked "Yes, Gene, Zenix, Laurla, and Gaby I think their name's are" Cadenza said and Alex looked at Cadenza with wide eyes "Did Laurla look like this?" Alex asked and showed a picture of 'Laurla' "Yes" Cadenza said "I am so lucky that Mia is in Europe with Vylad and her boyfriend right now" Alex said "Okay?" Cadenza asked unsure "Gene, Zenix, Laurla, and Gaby eh? I know them. They were after you because you have a small essence of shadow knight in you and that can easily give them power for more shadow knight's to have power's" Alex said "I don't get this right now" everyone said and Alex sighed "Cadenza has a small amount of essence which is shadow knight and that small essence can give a huge amount of power to just one shadow knight that's why they were after you" Alex said and then a girl with black hair with a ponytail in a shadow knight form came in Asgard but Jess didn't seem to feel anything "Hello wonderful people" the girl said "Laurla.." Cadenza said, "That's Laurla!?" Everyone asked, "Yes, What do you want Laurla?" Cadenza asked and she turned back into her normal self "I hope you don't mind me in my regular form, I haven't been in it in ages" Laurla said "Just answer the question Laurla" Cadenza said "I just haven't been back here yet, Say is this Thor's place? Asgard?" Laurla asked "This is a different Asgard, this is Jess's place" Jose said and she looked around "It's pretty big for a girl her age" Laurla said, "Are you saying it should be smaller?" Pbat asked "No not that, It's just for a girl her age she is a pretty good builder" Laurla said "Alex, Quick question. Laurla came in here in her shadow knight form but Jess didn't seem to feel anything" I said but he spaced out "Alex" Steven said "Alex!" Jose screamed "The f*** Jose!" Alex said, "Alex quick question" I said "Yes?" Alex asked concerned "Laurla came in Asgard in her shadow knight form but it didn't hurt Jess" I said "Laurla?" Alex asked and looked at me and stood up "I-I need to go somewhere" Alex said and left "I'll go follow him" Laurla said and they left.

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