A Cruise with Monsters?

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Now, I would have been okay right now, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm stuck on a cruise ship!!!I am still mad at my family, mainly my cousin Macie, for putting me on this ship. you might think that I'm upset that this cruise ship is full of monsters, minus my friends and me, but no, I'm not. In fact,I'm excited to be surrounded by monsters! I'm mad at my family because they sprung it on to me at the last second!

I love anything involving mysteries or puzzles, and monsters fit into the "mystery" category. I get that love for mysteries from my dad. He and I are really alike. We both have h/c hair, we both have a love for (favorite candy),we are both really smart, and we both can take charge when needed. But I do that usually for school projects, and that's been a while, and dad does it when people are in trouble.But anyways, I don't have a lot in common with my uncle, ( Uncle's name), but we get along greatly. We laugh together, and he even taught me some boxing moves.

I used to live with my dad, (Dad's name) and (Uncle's name), until I finally decided to make my music career to the next level by having a world tour. I didn't want to immediately go from traveling the world to staying in one place all the time. After the world tour, which my fans loved, I finally moved back into my hometown, (town name).

But anyway, a few hours ago, I was just relaxing in my house with my roommates (two of four of my closest friends)  when Macie, Dad, my uncle, and my other cousin, Mark, burst through the door and declared that Izzy, Macie, Avril, Bridgette, and I would be going on a week long cruise. Then Macie packed my bags while my friends Izzy and Bridgette packed their bags. And then, after a long trip on a boat large enough for us to be comfortable, we ended up on this ginormous cruise ship called the Legacy.

 Avril, Bridgette, Izzy, Macie, and I had different rooms, but we all decided to hang out in my room. "Like a mini sleep-over!" Macie had excitedly said. I rolled my eyes but smiled at her. "Macie, why exactly are we on this cruise?" I asked,  laying on the bed. Suddenly Macie was next to me. "Because you're over worked, Y/N! It worried all of us!" She said throwing her arms up into the air.

"Plus"-began Izzy," we get to go on a fabulous cruise!" She giggled. "Yeah! Did you see the captain? She seems pretty nice. What was her name again? Erin?" Avril said. "No, she said her name was Ericka." I corrected. "If you ask me, I think she has too much white, with her clothes being white and her hair seems like a blond-white color." I added. "I think you mean "platinum blond". And I think she looks just fine, Y/N." Bridgette said to me.

"Alright, alright. I just think that she has too much white. Other than that, she looks pretty."  I said, sitting up and crossing my arms over my chest defensively. The others laughed. Macie put her arm around me. "You know, Y/N, there's another reason why I wanted you to go on this cruise." She said, her brown eyes piercing into my e/c ones. I gulped nervously. "W-what other reason did you want me to go on this cruise?" I asked nervously.

"I wanted you to come...so that way...you could fall in love with a handsome man!" She said, squeezing me in a hug. "Ugh!" I groaned. I pushed Macie off of me. "Macie, I told you, I'm not interested in dating!" I rolled my eyes at her. In return she rolled her eyes at me. "What about that date you went on with Adrien? Huh?' she said. It took all I had to not put my face in my hands.

"Macie, I told you a million times already. That was because I wanted to be nice! And we were twelve years old. I'm glad we became friends, though. " I smiled. At twelve, I went on a date with Adrien, who shyly asked me out. We went out to dinner, but we ended up becoming friends instead of boyfriend and girlfriend.

Macie tsked. "Y/N, when will you admit that you want, actually, no, need a boyfriend?" She said, standing up. Her hands were on her hips now. I groaned. "Can we please just enjoy the cruise and stop talking about my love life?" I asked, crossing my arms again.

"Alright, why don't we look around the cruise ship instead?" Suggested Avril. "Yeah!" We all agreed. So we left my room and started to explore the ship. After a few minutes we ended up where we were when we met the captain. "What should we do?" Asked Bridgette. I shrugged and there was a murmur of "I don't know" and "Not sure".

Suddenly I felt a pair of eyes on me. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I then started to look for whoever was staring at me. Finally I saw who was staring at me. It was the Count Dracula!

I quickly looked away and turned to my friends. "Hey, uh guys? I'm going to talk to Dracula. Alright? See you in a little bit." I quickly turned around and walked over to Dracula. He had this weird expression on his face when I came over. "Hello, you must be Count Dracula. It's nice to meet you. And, wow, you really don't age. You look very young. That must be nice to have, right?" I asked him.

He started to speak, but I couldn't understand him. "He might be talking in Transylvanian." I thought to myself. "Oh, are you speaking in Transylvanian? I always wanted to learn." I then repeated a few of the words Dracula said to me. (I'm too lazy to actually write what Drac says to Ericka, I'm sorry, but not that sorry.) "Such a romantic language." I said. Dracula then said something else that I didn't understand. Then a large creature, Frankenstein's monster, I believe, grabbed Drac and said to me, "That's Transylvanian for it's nice to meet you!" He then ran off with Drac. "Okay then, goodbye." I gave a small wave even though none of them could see it.

I met up with my friends. They all looked at me. "Alright, why are you all staring at me?" Macie looked at me like it was obvious. "You just talked to a guy without anyone telling you to." She said. "So? I asked confused. Izzy, Avril, Bridgette, and Macie looked at me with a "Seriously?" look. "Guys, he was a legend! A very interesting legend." I said defensively.

"So you think Dracula is interesting, huh?" Izzy said with a smirk. "Yes, he's a vampire! Don't you guys find vampires interesting too? Even just a little bit?" I asked them. All but Macie shook their heads. "I find vampires a tiny bit interesting." She admitted. I smiled. "See? I talked to him for two reasons: One, to be nice to him. Two, I wanted to see a legendary monster in person." I said the last part more quietly.

A pleasant, warm, fuzzy feeling then started to bloom in my chest. What was this feeling, and why did I start to feel it?

Author's Note:

(There you go, this is my new story! I thought it would be fun to do an x reader, and so I chose Dracula from Hotel Transylvania! I find the first and the third movie enjoyable, the second movie, however, isn't good. I hope you liked this story so far, it'll get better as the story progresses. I also do not own the picture above. I won't own most of the colored pictures in this story, but I will probably own the sketches. And I am aware that this story probably isn't going to be very "good" to others or "appealing", but I do not care. I have a very weird mind, and this is one of the results of that.)

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