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There was a place Kayden always went when he needed to get away, escape from reality, even if only for an hour. He wasn't sure how this place helped him calm down, but it did. The fifteen year old needed to escape now, so he set off to his special little spot. This spot that Kayden loves so much, was seemingly abandoned. The young male had never seen anyone there, and the path leading to it was barely even existent anymore.

His little hideout was in a forest near his house. Kayden was currently listening to an acoustic music mix he had found, and trying his best to keep his tears from falling. He had a bad day at school, but refused to let any strangers see him cry. He would let his tears flow as soon as he was safely hidden in the forest. School was always rough for the boy, being one of the only gay guys there, he was definitely bullied. Home was not much better.

Kayden walked through the trees, down the still slightly visible path, and tried to calm down as he listened to the relaxing music. The male tugged his bag back up onto his shoulder as he watched for any roots, or other tripping hazards. Kayden would always bring a bag with him, and it always contained the same items. A lantern, snacks, a notebook, and a pencil. Sometimes he would pack a book as well, but only when he knew he would have plenty of sunlight to read.

The male's pace quickened when he saw a glimpse of his favorite spot through the trees. However, when he emerged from the forest and got closer to the center, he noticed someone was already in the clearing. Fireflies flickered around this unknown male, who seemed so relaxed and problem free. His arms were behind his head like a pillow, chestnut colored hair slightly falling over his closed eyes, and legs crossed at the ankles. There was still enough sunlight for Kayden to see that this male was very handsome.

The brown haired male had heard Kayden approach, and opened his eyes to see what was going on. They were blue, his eyes. Sky blue, and they matched Kayden's hair. Well, half of it anyways. The other half was black, and Kayden's eyes were grey. The grey eyed male froze, tears still streaming down his cheeks, but he began to back away when the other guy propped his upper body up by leaning on his elbows. Blue eyes had obviously seen Kayden's tears, and was very curious as to why he was crying. Kayden, being somewhat stubborn, wiped away his tears and put on his best blank face, removing one of his headphones from his ear.

"Sorry for disturbing you. I didn't think anyone would be here." Kayden stated, with a surprisingly steady voice. He offered the other male a small, but kind smile. "Hope you have a good evening." He murmured, before turning around and taking a few steps. Blue eyes behind him had other plans. "You don't have to leave, you know. You seem like you could use some company." The blue eyed male stated politely. Kayden turned back to the male, smiling again, but shook his head. "I appreciate that, but I'm fine."

Blue eyes didn't believe him, and definitely didn't give up on trying to get Kayden to stay. "Come on, I don't bite." Blue eyes gave a crooked smile, which Kayden found to be very sexy. The grey eyed male nodded, then hesitantly walked over to the other male. He sat about a foot away from the handsome stranger, then began picking at the grass. "I'm Alec." Blue eyes stated. Kayden glanced at him, shifting to take off his bag. "Kayden." Alec nodded, sitting up properly now. "Kayden.....I like that name. Do you come to this clearing a lot, Kayden?" Alec questioned. Kayden enjoyed his voice a lot. It wasn't obnoxious at all, not too deep, but not too high-pitched either. It was soothing and soft.

Kayden nodded, blushing a bit at the fact that Alec apparently liked his name. Alec was now turned, facing Kayden, so Kayden decided to face him as well. "I've never seen you around. Are you new to the area?" Kayden asked, getting another crooked smile and a nod from Alec. As time passed, Kayden became more and more comfortable around Alec. Soon, they had to part ways and go home.

The two males would meet in the clearing every week, quickly becoming close friends. They went to different schools, so the clearing was the main meeting spot they had. Of course, they met at each other's houses, even if Kayden's dad was a bit uncomfortable with that. His father couldn't quite accept the fact that his son was gay. He tried to though, just didn't work out very well. One day, in the clearing, Alec seemed distant, causing Kayden to worry. It had been months since they met, which was in the spring time. It was now fall.

"Alec? You seem distracted. Did something happen?" Kayden asked, clearly worried for his friend. Alec merely shook his head, but sighed. Kayden nudged him lightly. "I like someone, but I'm not sure if they like me back." Kayden felt a little hurt, since he had a crush on Alec. "Well, I guess you won't find out unless you tell them." Kayden stated. That seemed to bring Alec back to reality. Blue eyes looked at Kayden, longer than Kayden would be comfortable with. "You're absolutely right, Kayden." Alec turned to face Kayden, which made the boy's heart race. What was he doing? Nothing. This was normal behavior for Alec, right?

Alec took a deep breath, and looked into Kayden's grey eyes. "I like you Kayden. More than a friend." Kayden could feel his eyes widen at the confession. "Me?" He managed to mumble out. Alec nodded, waiting for another response. Kayden couldn't help the wide grin that split his lips. "I like you too, Alec." It was Alec's turn to grin widely now, but he soon bit his lower lip lightly, thinking. He looked down for a few seconds, then blue eyes met grey eyes again. "So, would you do me the pleasure of becoming my boyfriend?" Alec asked a bit nervously. Kayden nodded. "Yes, I'd love to." He smiled sweetly at Alec, and ended up tackling the male to the grass covered ground.

Alec chuckled and wrapped his arms around Kayden's waist, making Kayden feel safe and warm. That night, they shared their first kiss and watched the stars, never wanting to leave the clearing despite the chilly weather.

A/N: Sorry if the ending seems rushed. I've had this idea for a year or more, but never knew how to end it. It was originally supposed to be a short story, but I figured it would do better as a one-shot, so here it is! Hope you enjoyed it~

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