Part Two ♦ Eon Universes

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1. Eon Universes have aged, cooled, and separated from their parallel counterparts, so that time travel becomes more difficult, and free will more restricted; infinity is reduced to probability.

2. An example of an Eon Universe is in the novel A Shapeshifter, Cyborg, & Wisp.

3. Since an Eon Universe no longer is barraged by the formlessness and heat of its former Hot Pocket existence—and it's not nearly as likely to suffer a Big Rip or Big Crunch from colliding or ricocheting off a parallel universe—this allows the cosmic forces of the universe to focus in finer points.

4. The focused, finer points of cosmic force result in (a) the opening of Galactic Gate(s), (b) a more complex spiritual emergence (beyond the emergent state of the universe), and (c) the birth of a new kingdom of life: artifacts.

First draft: September 18

Word count: 140

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