Part One ♦ Emergent Universes

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1. Emergent or Hot Pocket Universes use a color-coded magic system that relies on energy, matter, and time. The novel Emergence No. 7 takes place in one of these universes.

2. In an Emergent or Hot Pocket Universe, interdimensional travel is exceptionally dangerous, due to the volatile nature of exiting (or entering) a scalding, bubble-like universe that hasn't yet fully formed within the multiversal map.

3. Since an Emergent or Hot Pocket Universe is still in close proximity to the larger bubble(s) that formed it—as well as the parallel universes formed simultaneously next to it—so it's possible to move between parallel universes, and even entirely different universal frameworks, given the right technologies.

4. By contrast, Eon Universes are not capable of connecting with one another anymore, except through their Galactic Gate(s).

First draft: September 18

Word count: 133

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