Situations in Slipping

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Requested by whenhazzametboo I hope you enjoy, love!

Zayn- 16,
headspace age- 6 months
Louis- Daddy
Niall- Dada
Harry- Baba

It had been a long, long day for the boys and their baby. They lived in a Little-friendly town, but that day they decided to leave the safety of their town and take a little road trip, which didn't happen often because it was hard to travel with Zayn in such a young headspace. Besides, people outside of their town weren't used to people living that lifestyle; some weren't all for it.

It was only for a day's trip, but they had just driven with no plans, and ended up finding some pretty cool things. They let Zayn come out of his headspace for the day, as he hadn't in awhile and it was good for Littles to come out of their headspace from time to time. Zayn was so glad that he had come out of it though, because it made the road trip all the more memorable.

However, everyone was tired now, especially Zayn who had gotten no nap in today. He slept for all but five minutes in the car before they were out doing something else. The poor boy had a hard time sleeping in cars for some reason.

"Zayn, are you okay staying out of your headspace until after dinner, or do you want to slip now?" Louis asked the boy as they unloaded the car. Since Zayn didn't come out of his headspace often, it was hard to get him to slip again. Louis pleaded that Zayn would he okay waiting a bit, as he didn't want to take time away from dinner. They were starving.

The young boy simply nodded, rubbing one of his hazel eyes a bit before stumbling back inside as the others brought in the last load.
"Is everyone okay with chicken nuggets?" Harry asked as he trudged to the kitchen; not in the mood to make up anything fancy. Some salad would be fine for a side. When he got everyone's approval, he got right on it, Liam joining him minutes later to help.

"Did you have fun today, Zee?" Niall asked the boy, ruffling his hair a bit as he leaned back into the couch.
"Yeah! I-I really liked eating near the river and swimming in it," Zayn explained, stumbling over his words a bit in excitement.
"That was a lot of fun, Zee! I'm glad you had a good time," Niall cooed, pecking the top of the boy's head. He'd need a bath later to wash out his hair from the lake water. Luckily, that seemed to something that helped Zayn slip faster.

Soon, dinner was ready. Fortunately, it didn't take too long as Zayn had started to become whiny for his food. When they were finished and everything was cleaned up, the fathers decided to get Zayn into his headspace since it was nearing his bedtime.

"Zaynie, I think it's time for you to go into your headspace now, don't you think?" Liam asked.
"Uh, y-yeah," the boy answered, feeling a little weird about the situation. He hadn't come out of his headspace in so long, so he was sure it was going to feel weird going back into it.
"Great! I think we should get in a bath first, get all those germs from today off ya," Liam explained. "Haz, can you get a wash cloth for his face, please? He's got ketchup everywhere," the man chuckled. Even out of his headspace, Zayn was a messy eater.

"Already on it," the curly man replied, entering the living room with a warm wash cloth. He went to clean the young boy's face with it, but Zayn pushed him away before he could.
"I can do it myself, Haz," he mumbled, trying to take the cloth from him.
"Nope, sorry, Zee. Gotta make sure it's really clean," with many grumbles and squirming, Harry eventually got his face clean. "Okay, bath time! Are there going to be bubbles, Zee?" Harry hoisted the boy onto his hip, starting to trek up the stairs where the other boys mostly likely were, getting the tub ready.

The boy shrugged. He didn't care if there were bubbles or not!
"Harry, I'm not in my headspace," he grumbled.
"I know, babe. It might be easier to slip if we baby-talk to you, yeah?" Zayn simply nodded. He felt like he wanted to slip; mostly because he wanted to stop feeling awkward about the situation. He was also really tired. Zayn hoped this whole thing wouldn't take too long because he just wanted to fall asleep.

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