The Sol Mother of Minos

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Outside light seeped into the temple through the roof's coloured glass, streaming gentle rays over our bodies as we crossed a circular floor depicting a lotus in full bloom on a dark watery surface. I marvelled at the water ripples my footsteps created as I walked across the lotus floor like I was skimming across the surface of a pond.

"Fascinating. The floor is of dark silver imbued with semblance magic to cause that rippling water effect when walking," Death said with a voice that was almost a whisper.

We stopped before a set of steps, leading up to a dais where an enormous gold statue of a robed Minotaur stood proudly before us. His billowing cape carried starlight to his back. It ran the length of his body, right down to the train of his robes, which covered his ankles and part of his forefeet. I noticed the statue's feet were the same structure as a human. I wondered if our similarities had them view us as the insignificant beings in the end.

"It is fact. They are here in the Age of Apocalypse." A wise and motherly voice warmed my ears.

Any aches I felt in my heart were soothed by the white robed figure of a bull-woman at the top of the dais before the statue. Her white fur was free from any blemish a bull would carry; delicate ears were pierced with gold, silver and jade studs, they glistened with an impression of starlight, (similar of to statue's cape). Her eyes were completely white, I felt like I was staring at two balls of milk candy.

Her balletic walk towards us was enchanting.

"Your highness, Lord Famine and friends, I welcome you to Minos. There is much we must discuss."

She gestured for us to follow her lead past the statue and down a blue carpeted and silver marble hallway, which ended into a jade and tourmaline circular chamber.

A round pond of dark water (edged with a silver and bronze border) filled up the center of the floor. There were no other pieces of furniture or fixtures in the chamber. The light came from the crystal walls.

Galais positioned us around the pond. I found myself between Brystagg and the bull-woman. We followed Galais's example of kneeling down to the pond's edge, so we were close to the water.

"I am Delphi, Sol Mother of Minos." Delphi introduced herself.

"I would not risk your cell breaking work Your Highness if I did not feel the importance of what is to come," Delphi said to Brystagg.

Her next choice of words made my fears resurface.

"Apocalypse is in danger of a terrible fate if Famine and Death do not return to the Lotus Bridge of their time and stop the oncoming attacks."

She raised her hand to stay Brystagg's questions and drew our attention towards the pond's dark surface.

"I think it's best to show you the fact that awaits your time Famine, if you do not stop the course of this danger." Her fine hand swept the pond's surface to call upon images to the water.

I gulped down a nervous knot when I saw Trix and Leinard tangled within the gold coin olive tree of the Lotus Bridge. Possessed Death had called upon a cakra type of magic with great magnitude that caused the Aueralius Brothers to writhe about their binds with pain.

My hands trembled, and skin went clammy as I felt their agony from their bodies suffering burns of golden fire; skin went unbearably hot, throbbed and went numb into an uncomfortable coldness. My mind was splintering with pain.

"It hurts Death." I cried out in thought.

"I feel it!" Death yelped with his own begging for the pain to stop.

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