Road Rage | ChanDuke

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DUKE: What is with me being in all these?

A.M: I dunno. Heather Duke, you are a good character, but I am still gay for Chandler. I wanna rp with someone but eh... Also it's 3am. I can't sleep.


Every Saturday, the Heathers would have an sleepover, whether it'd be all of them or just two. But, all four of them were going tonight. Yes, four. Veronica Sawyer, a nobody to somebody on the first day of Senior Year. She, as a new Heather, had to go. She didn't mind.

This time, it was held at Chandler's mansion, even though Mac's was bigger and fancier, none of the girls minded. Chandler also had an collection of games Duke and her like to play, but Duke gets "road rage" so she hardly plays them anymore.

Mac and Veronica have known about Chandler's secret crush on Duke, even though the green-themed girl had never noticed. Mac had come to just telling Duke, but never did because she'd get the demon queen's wrath.

Currently, Chandler had the snacks and everything ready, and was just scrolling through her phone's messages, until a ping sounded through her room. It was a text from Heather Duke.

Dukie💚: hey, we're on our way. 'bout five mins?

Chan: alright.

The red clad girl put her phone in her ruby blazer's pocket, with a childish squeal, before straightening again and walking downstairs into the living room to wait on the couch. She felt excited to see her silly crush, and her friends too, she guessed.



Chandler shot up and walked over to the door, slightly annoyed that this would be one sleepover without alcohol, but Veronica had convinced her at school the day before. She internally groaned at the reminder, the one that she couldn't be seductive to Duke and blame it on liquor. It annoyed her.

Knock, knock.

Came sheepish knocking. Of course, Veronica Sawyer would be the one to knock. Delightful. Not. Chandler put on her usual smirky face and opened the door, "Hi, girls, come on in. You know what to do by now." Chandler coldly greeted, and Mac and Duke entered followed by a sheepish Veronica.

"I don't..." The blue wearing brunette mumbled, "This is my first sleepover with you girls." She continued, as Chandler heavily sighed, "Mac, Duke, show her my room, oh, and the bathroom. She's not going to piss on my floor like someone did at their first sleepover with me." She playfully glared at Mac before sauntering into the kitchen as she heard three pair of heels go upstairs. Two doing it as a normality, and one as a sheepishly cautious first time.

Chandler wouldn't admit that she was blushing, but boy was she. Her normally pale face was dusted with pink and she looked like someone poured glitter on her face, it continuing to become darkened and almost the same as the blazer she had always worn. It was symbolized as the Heathers™ Uniform, and all members of said clique had to wear it.

She was in deep thought when her phone buzzed, and she took it out.

Veronnie: you're in deep thought about Dukie again, aren't you? ;))

Chan: oh, shut up.

Veronnie: fine, fine. :3

Chandler sighed, that emoticon meant trouble from the newest Heather. She trekked upstairs, thinking of an excuse for taking so long, but she'd already had her period for the month, so that was out of the question. She got the perfect one as she opened the door to her room, each Heathers' sleeping bag (minus hers since this was her house) arranged neatly in their respective spots, as Mac had helped Veronica set hers up.

"What took you so long, Heather?" Duke asked, folding her arms. There came the blush again but she quickly drained it from her face, "Bathroom. I needed to retouch my lipstick." The blonde lied through her teeth, and was slightly surprised when Duke took her word for it.

"So, what should we do first, guys?" Veronica asked, breaking the slightly tensed atmosphere, also wiggling her eyebrows mockingly at the queen bee.

"Oh! I know!" Mac chirped, skipping over into the games room, obviously to the racing consoles, pointing at 'Mario Kart', as the other three followed, Veronica staring at it in awe. Duke scrunched her nose up, "No way, no day, Heather. Last time, Heather cheated!" Duke accusingly jabbed a finger at Chandler, who overdramatically gasped, "I did not!" She replied, hiding a grin. Duke just rolled her eyes in response.

"Well," Mac smirked, which set off all kinds of alarms in Chandler's head, "I bet Duke couldn't kick Chan's butt!" She giggled, and Duke had glint of rivalry before practically dragging the queen bee to the machine, and the flustered red clad girl sat down in the seat, gripping the wheel. Well, flustered is an understatement. She was practically dead! Sure, she cd be cold, cruel and bitchy, but when she meant something, she found it had to be sincere and open with her feelings.

Ignoring it, she and Duke raced. Of course Chandler won after Duke started shit-talking. The next round went the same, and Duke was slowly getting more and more annoyed. Funny thing is, Heather Chandler wasn't even trying - and that just pissed off the green themed girl more as she finally managed to storm out of the room, and into the backyard to where they all play croquet every sleepover.

Chandler came out after Mac and Veronica pressured, then sneakily watched from the Alpha Heather's balcony, trying to hide their giggles and fangirl squeals.

"Heather, it's just a game, why are you so mad?" Chandler asked, her tone not as cold as it usually was when they were in the public eye. "You're not even trying!" Duke retorted, crossing her arms with a childish huff, like a three year old who couldn't have ice cream for dinner.

"You know I played it alot when I was youmger." Chandler almost mumbled, then Duke continued to rant on until Chandler couldn't take her whining, and then she did the most regrettable action. She, Heather Chandler, the almighty of Westerburg High School, kissed Heather Duke. Yet, Duke kissed back.


"H-Heather.." Duke breathed after they finally parted, "I-I... I love you, a-a lot." She stammered, as Chandler flushed madly.

"Duke, I love you too."

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