Chapter Nine: She has no one, yet he is the only one that matters.

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Chapter Nine: She has no one, yet he is the only one that matters.

Friday, Lunch.

SHE didn't know what to do. Her eyes scanned the cafeteria for a free seat, but there was none to be found. 

"The game is gonna be sick. I can't wait to see the look on their faces. Their faces are gonna be as red as their jerseys." One of the guys on the team was jinxing the football final for the team besides George.

He wasn't listening. He was too busy stealing glances at the lost girl standing at the cafeteria doors. She'd only been there for a few seconds, yet he could see her beginning to panic.

Sighing, Lydia turned around getting ready to walk out the cafeteria doors and head towards the bathrooms. Her only friend was on vacation since Monday. She had no one now.

A hand wrapped itself around her wrist. "I like the rain."

She smiled as she turned around to face him. Maybe she had two friends after all.

Secretly she was hoping he wasn't a friend. She wanted much more than just a friendly relationship with him.

He smiled at her, glad she wasn't pulling away from his touch.

Progress, he thought.

"I like dancing in the late evening." She returned the smile as he asked a question in a whisper. "Why?"

He unwrapped his fingers from around her wrist while shaking his head. He had to be patient with her.

Her head was spinning. He was a puzzle she could never piece together. She mumbled the answer as he began to distance himself.

"The sky is never the same colour, yet it's always beautiful."


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