Chapter Eight: Phone calls at 12:00 AM.

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Chapter Eight: Phone calls at 12:00 AM.

Thursday night

HE gave her his number hoping for her to use it soon. She looked down at her phone. Her pointer finger hovered over the call button.

His phone rang as he slipped under his duvet.

She was calling him. Her head was filling with negative thoughts. Was he going to answer or did he give the wrong number as a joke?

"Lydia?" He spoke into the phone. It was nearly midnight, but he would've stayed up all hours for her.

"Yeah, I was beginning to think you gave me the wrong number." She chuckled into the phone.

He wanted to speed this up a little. After only starting to talk to her a few days ago, this wasn't enough for him.

She wanted to tell him what she felt, but she thought it was stupid. How could she say he was the reason she couldn't sleep at night without sounding creepy.

"I have a dance competition tomorrow night at seven."

Maybe if she could get him to go they would talk more and move this thing outside of school.

"I'll be there." She had him wrapped around her fingers without her even knowing. He wanted her to know.

She smiled silently to herself trying to progress what was happening.

"Good night, George." He smiled at the normalcy in her voice. He wanted her to feel comfortable around him. He wanted her to willing want to open up to him.

"Sweet dreams, Lydia."



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