Chapter Seven: Passing up an opportunity with her was a sin.

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Chapter Seven: Passing up an opportunity with her was a sin.

  After school

SHE read over the same line once again, but she couldn't get it into her head. He was stuck in her mind. Everything about him; from his smile to his words.

She was waiting for Aaron to finish training while she sat on the bleachers. The coach was making the team do laps once again and she couldn't see him within the group.

He stared at her. Gathering his gear bag, he nodded bye to his coach. The guys had to do laps for the rest of the training. Luckily, he had a doctor's appointment in ten minutes and had asked to leave.

Although he could afford to be late, it would have been a sin to pass up an opportunity with her. He was about to reach the entrance to the bleachers when he bumped into a girl.

Catching her before she fell, he looked at her to see who she was.

It was her, Lydia.

She smiled up at him. "I was beginning to think you got lost". He smiled at that. She was worried about him, although he'd always come back for her.

He chuckled. "Not lost, just leaving early. You want a lift?"

Hoping she'd say yes, he waited for her answer.

"Sure, I'll just grab my bag."


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