Chapter Six: It was their thing, only theirs.

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Chapter Six: It was their thing, only theirs.

Thursday lunch

HE was sitting with the team, accompanied by a couple of cheerleaders. Mandy was one of them and she didn't like Lydia one bit. He knew that.

Although Mandy still batted her eyelashes at him seductively, she clearly did not care that he wasn't the slightest bit into her. His eyes were focused on Lydia. He kept asking himself why she was coming his way.

She wanted to do what he did. She didn't want this to be one-sided. She smiled at the guys as she sat down beside him.

Her brother just shrugged and continued talking to the guys around him. Mandy, however,  was glaring holes into the side of her head.

He grinned at her, the boyish grin she'd ever seen. She could tell he was genuinely happy.


She smiled.

He returned the greeting trying to wrap his head around the girl's antics.

Her heart was beating so fast that she was scared he'd hear it. "I don't like it when people say K" she whispered into his ear.

It was like she was playing Chinese whispers, but this was their thing and she didn't want to ruin it.

He leaned in and whispered, "I don't like when people turn down the corners of a book."

She smiled once again before leaving the table, leaving him grinning like a fool. What was she doing to him? He had no idea, yet he loved it.


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