Chapter Five: Hope is stronger than fear.

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Chapter Five: Hope is stronger than fear.

Thursday first class

LYDIA Jackson sat in the middle row of Ms. Donald's class. She never moved throughout the years. She never had to be moved either.

As for George Smith, he was moved regularly, but he was not getting moved from his next seat.

Her eyes widened in surprise as the dirty blonde haired boy sat in front of her.

Whatever game he was playing at, she didn't mind. First the compliment, then lunch and now the bracelet that was sitting right in front of her. Once again, she didn't mind. He was a sight she wanted to see.

He knew her name now, even though she'd like to think he knew it before yesterday. She doubted it though.

His green eyes were trained on the board as he tried to collect all his thoughts. She inspired some new thoughts into his head.

"I'm scared of butterflies."

Now that one, only a select few knew about it. Lydia was one of them and he knew that. He wanted to take his time and ease into this.

He told the soccer team this while at team bonding. Lydia just happened to be there, eavesdropping to use the answers as blackmail.

Her blue eyes met with his forest green irises. "I'm scared of the sea." she softly spoke. He smiled at that. She had answered.

She returned his smile before he had turned back around to focus on the lesson.


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