Chapter Four: The running back boy and the dancing girl.

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Chapter Four: The running back boy and the dancing girl.

Wednesday night

TEAM bonding night was the best night of the week. It was a night where he got to relax. Free food, no school, no training, no anything, but just guys.

She poured her heart into each dance. Her ears never tired of the music. Each of her steps was as elegant as the last.

People said she was born to be on the stage, but they only knew her as a dancer.

The pizza was long gone and the boys were leaving as if coach Lee just shouted at them to do laps.

He helped Aaron out with cleaning up the mess he and his fellow teammates made. Hoped to get a glimpse of her. A chance to talk to her.

Her brother had the football team over, but then again that was about an hour ago.

Dropping her duffle bag beside the coats, she yelled out "Is anybody home?" Her voice rang through his ears. The melody was back.

Aaron, her oblivious brother, yelled back, "Kitchen".

She walked in with her hair in a messy bun. She was wearing a pair of leggings and an oversized t-shirt. A beauty.

"Hey Lydia, you know George?" Aaron asked. She nodded, making some loose strands from her bun fall over her pale blue eyes.

He smiled at her.

She quickly smiled in return and left the room. Running up to her room, she collapsed on the bed. His smile was imprinted in her head


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