Chapter Three: So close, but never close enough.

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Chapter Three: So close, but never close enough.

Wednesday lunch

HE walked towards her, wandering eyes boring holes into his back. He wanted a proper conversation with her. He wanted her to know him as he knew her.

Her blue eyes were trained on her phone screen. The ball was jumping from platform to platform. She was a few platforms away from 100. Her high score was 99 which ticked her off, a lot. One more she thought.


Dead at 99. She glared at the person who had spoken out, but her eyes softened as the 'your beautiful' boy sat across from her. Smiling, she repeated his greeting.

Her blue eyes quickly scanned his appearance. Jeans, the jersey of the local team he was captain of, and Nike sneakers.

His green eyes scanned her appearance. A white and pink coral t-shirt and jeans, paired with some Adidas sneakers. The same, but different they both thought.

"I like playing football," he said with a smile playing on his lips. She already knew this, everyone knew this. So why did he come all this way to say a well-known fact.

"Your go," the dirty blonde spoke. Her eyebrows unknitted themselves as she spoke. "I like to dance."

Her voice was like a melody, sweet and soft. A smile spread across his lips as he got up and left. As he passed her, she spotted the shells on his arm. A simple band with shells on it.

He was wearing her gift.

She had bought it during the holidays a few years back. It wasn't much, but it was pretty to the eye. It was beautiful on him.


They are just the cutest, aren't they?!

KateAnnee x

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