Chapter Two: Math is the language of the world.

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** Cover by the amazingly talented @cherryblussoms **

Chapter Two: Math is the language of the world.

Wednesday first class

SHE was proud of herself like anyone would be if they got an A in mathematics.

He was frustrated with himself. His mother would have him for dinner after she went off her diet.

A 'C' wasn't the worst, but he liked math. He always said it was the world's language, but seemly his math didn't like him.

His green eyes trailed from the big C in the corner of the sheet to the shells on his forearm. The boys were all laughing at him this morning for having a secret crush again. Yes again!

This time he knew it wasn't a secret. He knew exactly who she was, even if she didn't want to admit it.

"Come on dude," the tanned boy beside him said as he nudged his shoulder. George sighed as the bell rang out through the classroom.

He didn't want to stop thinking about Lydia and as he spotted her leaving the classroom, he knew that he couldn't. Even if he wanted to.


This book is in third person FYI!

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