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O o f this gon be interstinggggg

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O o f this gon be interstinggggg

Lets see-

How about of 3, 9,6

This gon be intersting.


Btw is 1:29 i shoukd be asleep.

Prob gon update my vamp book ;3
N this is happening in highschool ;3


Madison panted, exhausted and tired. He took new towels and went to private shower.

Currently he was at training. His sprot is voleyball, which is suggested by most of his friends.

Saying that volyball is healthy, and fun. (Wow i hate voleyball so much, like just lemme die when we nee to play that.)

Well he could not dissagree.

However it was fun. But since Madison has serius health problems, he has to stay outta game, to calm his heart.

And it was bad cuz it is when it gets intense.

Soon he arrived but realized someone is in there.

"Hello? Who is there?" James said, opening door. Only to reveal a shirt man, with olive skin, black silky locks which rested on his shoulder so neatly.

Alexander Hamilton.

Man of his dreams, it was true.

Madison had a crush on him, had dirty fantasize every night.

Not gonna lie.

The man was attracted as HE LL

But he was also one of biggest enemy of his friend, Thomas Jefferson.

"Umm what are you doing here?" Madison asked.

Alex jumped a bit, starteld as he seen Madison leaning on doorframe of shower.

He smirked.

" just showering...~" He teased "Why? Do you wanna join?" He smirked.

Madison blushed.

"N-no!!" He exclaimed.

Alex grinned.

"Then why are you here?" Alex said icly but yet attractive, walking towards smaller man.

Madison chocked on his tongue.

"I...i thought nobody was here, so I went to shower..." He said looking aeay slightly.

"Mhm." Alex hummed, taking him to his hands and kissed James.

James heart start to race, he blushed, wanted to push gremlin away.

"N-no!" He whisper-yelled.

Alex tilted his head, his eyes covered in lust.

"Hmm may I ask why?" Alex smirked.

"Someone might be here!" Madison yelled and whispered again.

"So why that bothers you?" Alex grinned, pulling James to him, only to whisper in his ear.

"Are you scared for someone to saw us when Im pounding in your ass??" Alex whispered, seductively, raising small goosebumps on James skin.

"Wha-- no- wait who told you that YOU will pound into me??" He growled softly before turning Alex on side as he showed his dick in his ass.

Alex moaned, highpitched as James walked to wall with Hamilton.

And that is where he began to pound, flash slapping at every thrust.

"O-oh God!! Dont stop! Ah!" Alex moaned, drolled as James began to speed up, going deeper.

"Did you studied for test??"

Everything froze as he heared two voices from hall.

James panted, but not loud.

Alex eyes widened.

That give James idea.

James began to pound into Hamilton more.

While Alex was struggling to not let a noise out.

Alex sharply inhaled.

"Did you hear that?"

The other boy asked, a bit terrified in his voice.

"Umm yeah...l-lets get outta here Sammy." The other one replied as run steps were heard, and door was shut.

After realising that they are alone, Alex turned to James, with angry look.

"What the fuck where you doing???" He exclaimed.

James thrust were slow but yet so deep.

"What? Scared that somebody might saw us while im pounding into your ass?" James smirked, mimicing Alexander's words from before.

That is where he began to pound more.

And they soon both climaxed.

"Th-that was hot as hell." Alex panted out, Madison pulled off.

"O-oh my god...what have I done?! Alex you alright?!" Madison wanted to cry.

"You kidding me? That is all I ever wanted." Alex smiled, hugging Madison to calm him down.

"I...I like you Madison." Alex confessed.

Madison eyes widened before he smiled, hugging Alex back.

"Same...I like you too."

The end


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