twenty-seven || hindsight

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ICE-CREAM ALWAYS seemed to solve problems when you were younger. As clear as if it was yesterday, Eleanor recalled the scenes of her childhood and watched them play out right in front of her. From her father and mother carrying a grumpy little girl in their arms each to the extravagant bowl for four of strawberry and peanut butter ice-cream they share as the calm discussion of whatever petty argument had brewed began. Instead yesterday happened to be the final day family happiness was definitely not on the table.

Once the first drop of the strawberry and peanut butter ice-cream Eleanor had requested touched her mouth, however, she couldn't stay in a bad mood for long. For all she wished that she could drag her family to resolve arguments that way like before her Sorting, Eleanor knew she would always have a soft spot for Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. There was really no place like it.

Not only were Fortescue's ice-cream flavours out of this world in all senses of the word – bizarre yet delicious, he had it covered – but the atmosphere had yet to waver in all her times entering it. Which was an impressive accomplishment in those times since the War had claimed victims not only with beating hearts but even in the air they breathed. The parlour seemed to not be on that list because the vibrant decorations and soft, acoustic tunes danced about the air delicately so not to outdo the conversation or overpower the comfortable silences.

In the midst of her admiration and reminiscing, she seemed to have tuned out everything else. A shake of her arm seemed to pop all the people she'd visited the parlour with into their places around the large table. With an apologetic look, Eleanor turned to Remus, who'd reached over to bring her back to earth. In their silent conversational looks, she assured him that she was fine and they both turned their attention back to watching Andromeda attempt to fulfil her promise – like Peter had muttered to her, Eleanor's intention was to eat her ice-cream and just watch to see if the impossible really could unfold.

"So, what's this argument about?" Andromeda was asking, now Tonks was settled eating her ice-cream on Ted's lap.

"Moony—Remus," Sirius amended quickly before any odd looks arose, "had come to James' this morning with his parents who'd come with a letter for Eleanor from her parents—"

Eyes widened at how the explanation sounded, Remus lent forward. "Reluctantly! They reluctantly brought you the letter. Mum and Dad want nothing to do with your parents now, El, let alone do them what the called a favour."

"Why don't they?" Ted questioned.

"My parents kicked me out." Eleanor responded, swallowing the bitter taste it left with the ice-cream she'd been playing with. That was the second time she'd admitted it out loud – she sincerely hoped, like with grief, one day it would be easy enough to say without wanting to cry,

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