Chapter One: The encounter that led to many.

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Chapter One: The encounter that led to many.

Tuesday after the last bell.

THE boy smirked as he made his way towards his queen.

He's been thinking about her all day, finally growing the courage to talk to her.

Her blue eyes lit up as the most popular boy in her class made his way towards her. What was he doing, she wondered as he came towards her.

Leaning against her locker, she watched as he made his way down the school corridor towards her. Staring at her like she was the only girl in the hallway.

His green eyes pierced into her blue ones. The smile on her face was reflected on his. "You're beautiful," he whispered when he was close enough.

But to her, he wasn't close enough.

Her eyes widened with shock, but when the brown haired girl got out of that state, the blonde haired boy was long gone.

His words made her stomach flutter; her heart skipped a beat. Looking down at the shells on her forearm she smiled.

She kept the smile on her face as she dropped the bracelet into his locker.

She knew that he'd see it when he opened his locker tomorrow morning.


Okay, this book is in third person .

Started: 23/September/2018
Finished: 14/October/2018

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