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Name: Audrey Lio
Nickname: Lio
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual

Name: Audrey LioNickname: LioSpecies: HumanSexuality: Bisexual Looks:

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Likes: The Moon, Being Around people and manipulation.
Dislikes: Hate words & people who don't think about what they're doing.
Personality: Calm, Clumsy & hardworking.
Abilities: Hypnotizing
Smut: Yes
Turn on: Hard and Rough
Turn Off: Slow, boring and if there's not enough intimacy.
Backstory: Audrey was abandoned as a small girl. She stayed at an orphanage most of her life, being taken by a loving single mother named Jackie. Since her mom was unable to have kids she adopted one of her own. Sometimes Jackie would have boyfriends, but it would never work out. Since Audrey didn't like this she found a book and learned how to hypnotize people. She hypnotized one of her mom's coworkers to love her mom so she could be happy.
Occupation: House Painter
Family: ( Jackie Lio) Mom, (Tyler Jhei ) step Father
Friends: Neveah

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