To me.

"We have a very special guest today, ladies and gentlemen." He said, his eyes burning into my chest. "She is someone who we thought unfortunately passed a few years ago." A gasps spread in the air and heads turned. The King waited for my reaction yet my eyes remained locked onto him, my mouth twitching slightly at the sudden statement. I swallowed the lump in my throat and wiped my sweaty palms. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are privileged to have the heir to the Crystal throne with us today for the meeting."

"Really? I can't believe she's here..."
"I thought she died..."
"She's the heir?..."

Everyone's eyes were like lasers beams, searing into my skin. I fake smiled and curtsied, my icy eyes still onto him. "This man's already trouble..."

It was deathly silent within the council room.

The council was enormous. The royals sat on the highest circle whilst Delegates and guests sat just below them. However, it seemed like the whole population Bermuda came to witness my hope crumble before my eyes. The dome echoed the slightest of sounds, our voices having no need to shout to be heard.

I stood dead in the centre of it all. Everyone could see me. It was relatively warm within Bermuda, yet I couldn't stop shaking. The thoughts that ran through my mind scrambled together and left a tight feeling pressing on my brain. The ever-growing talking shrouded me in shame like a dark cloud. "Everyone's judging me... they hate me. They hate me. They hate me."

The King of Bermuda raised his hand and his subjects quietened. His eyes found mine once more. "How lovely it is to meet you, Your Majesty. I hope you are well." He spoke in Astrali, his pale features turning a iridescent blue as the sun poured in from the surface of the ocean. I knew he was testing me.

"As to you, Your Supreme Reverence." I spoke back in English, dipping low in a curtsy. "We have many subjects to talk about today. Our main is the threat that you have caused us." He pointed to a seat next to the Princess of the Domitrian Empire and spoke quietly.

"We have lost many to humanity. Our dear Prince was unfortunately taken from us just months prior to your arrival." The Princess hung her head low and yet stared at me with her dark eyes. She wore a pendant that dangled from her neck, the tiny, silver heart speaking volumes. "That's his sister. She's grieving." A tight lump settled in my throat. I could just see his handsome face. Black hair and grey struck me first.

"You were shown to have exposed your true nature in the eyes of humanity, Your Majesty. Am I mistaken?" He said, raising his eyebrows as the crowd whispered amongst each other. Queen Lavinia nudged him in the elbow discreetly, as if to say 'Not now'.

Once again, I answered in English, my eyes flicking to the crowd that eagerly watched me. Anna glanced at me with worry, her hands constantly fiddling with the fabric of her dress. Mackenzie looked at me and furrowed her eyebrows in suspicion. "What is he talking about?"

"Of course you are correct, Your Excellency."
"And you are responsible for the deaths of major cooperators within the DPA. I applaud you for that. However, there is one thing that made me question you, Your Majesty."
"What is that, Your Highness?"

A pause that lasted an eternity.

"You are shown to harness both natures. Angelic and Demonic."

Time froze.

Those whispers grew louder in my ears. The shadows within the sun-filled room now covered the white walls. They crept like ivy vines, crawling their way into every crevice of the room. It grew darker and darker. Ice froze my blood as they slithered up my pale legs. My body stood there, the darkness slipping into my eyes and parted lips. My laboured breathing was vapour in the air, my body shaking. It felt so cold—

"Aurora. Focus."

My mind snapped out of it and stared at the bright room, realising that I had panicked for a good 10 seconds before regaining my focus. I instantly dipped to my knees. "Forgive me, Your Highness." I apologised, subconsciously switching to Astrali. A few more discussions erupted from the crowd. The King nodded. "Shall we show the video? I'm sure we would like to see it with our own eyes."

He waved his hand and screens were all around the circle. They showed the same thing; me killing dozens of men with my shadows and failing to heal Luna with my Angel powers. The blurry images of Luna still made my stomach churn, the empty feeling settling in my brain. Gasps and cries were heard once more amongst the hundreds of people, giving me enough time to see Anna and Mackenzie look at me in fright. The Delegate of Bermuda spoke. "King Satanael. Your verdict."

I look over to the Domitrian King, who had stood up amongst the panicking crowd. "I believe that the Princess is a Demon, Your Highness and that the video is merely misleading." He stated, curiosity glazed over his chestnut eyes. You would have never thought that a Demon King could look at you in such a sympathetic way. The dark robes sucked all of the light within the room, making his outfit stand out amongst the golds, blues and whites.

I looked next to him and saw that girl again, her purple eyes stabbing into my retinas. Her groomed eyebrows were furrowed in annoyance as she drummed her petite fingers on the arm of her throne. The pendant on her neck glinted within the light.

"Did you consider the Prophecy, Your Majesty?"

Those words echoed off the thick stone dome. We all stared at the Queen of Bermuda in awe. Her husband's mouth clenched, his muscular hand clamping onto the crystalline throne he sat on. "Are you sure, Your Highness? I intend no offence but I think that is quite bold to say..." The Demon King questioned, placing his hand under his stubbly chin.

Other voices joined in.

"But how can we know for sure?"
"She doesn't look like the Prophecy to me."
"What if she is?"
"She's an Angel corrupted by shadows!"
"She has killed people!"

I glanced at the royals of Transylvania, casually spectating the whole fiasco. The King and Queen wore European attire, the material dark as midnight. The King was also known as the Mad King, mainly because he was known to act insane around people. He grinned manically and leant forward in his seat, his eyes flashing all on my body, as if he was analysing me.

The Prince next to him was completely different to him. He had his arms folded as he leant back into his throne, almost bored. Moving his black bangs slightly, I caught a glimpse of his eyes, his gaze pinned on me attentively. Our eyes connected only for a second but he smirked with his pearly fangs. Straightening, he winked in my direction, sending a rippling sensation rushing down my body. My cheeks warmed and could feel myself flush. "Oh God. What was that feeling? My stomach felt light all of a sudden..."

The argument continued for what seemed like minutes. Eventually, the King of Bermuda turned to me and signalled for everyone to stop shouting. The room went silent and he whipped his head towards me. "What is he going to do?" I thought as my face grew warmer.

"I think it is unfair for us to decide the fate of the Princess, don't you think?" The King of Bermuda said, smiling innocently at me. His eyes flashed to my father and his smile grew wider. In my peripheral vision, I saw my father clenching his jaw and staring at him, possibly sending him a mind link to tell him to stop. If looks could kill, the King would of been torn in half.

"Now Your Highness..." His smile now turned into a grin, exposing his teeth. "Oh no..." I thought as he stood from his chair.

It felt like I was suffocating, my throat tight and dry. The dull cloudiness in my mind closed in. Goosebumps rose to the surface of my skin. "It's cold..."

"Can you please tell us what you are?"

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