The Leaders

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It was like deja vu. My screams echoed across the room, leaving me upright and shaking. Sweat stuck to my skin and I forced air into my lungs, my throat course like sandpaper. I peered around the room, only to realise it was bright outside. Sunlight poured in from the surface of the sea, casting rays of yellow upon the sunken city. Everything was fine. I sat back and pulling the sheets over me, scolding myself. "I'm so stupid. It's just a dream, Aurora." 

The door to my bedroom swung open and revealed a maid of some sorts staring at me in concern. "Is everything alright, ma'am?!" She called, rushing over to me by the bedside. "I'm fine. It's just a stupid dream." I mumbled, dragging myself off the bed. "Are you sure? I can make some tea if you—"

She flinched and swallowed, clearly taken back by the way I shouted at her. I sighed as I noticed and I reluctantly came up to her. My eyes flashed to its fiery red as I called those Daemona words. "Forget this encounter and start anew." As soon as said it, she looked around puzzled. "Um... may I help you get dressed, ma'am?" I faked a smile, my regret leaking through my skin. "Yes, thank you." I said, ignoring the excruciating pain searing itself into my brain from the power barrier. "I'll try not to use my powers next time..."

I met Anna, Mackenzie and my father within the grand hall, Anna wearing a white dress and Mackenzie wearing dark colours. My father wore the typical royal robes, midnight material cascading down his built shoulders. It was clear that everyone was staring at us but I didn't really care.

"Are you ready for the meeting?" Mackenzie said, nervousness in her voice. "I guess so. I can't really prepare for it anyway." I responded, casting my eyes across the room. Their eyes lingered on every part of my body, young men clearly interested in me. "They can be quite... direct at times so be aware."

Once I finished my sentence, the doors that we came from opened and everyone dipped to their knees. Mackenzie dragged me to the floor. "Get down! Don't look!" She whispered. "What?! Why?"
"The King and Queen of Bermuda are here, that's why!"
I raised my head slightly to coach glimpses of the royals, my eyes darting up and down to avoid eye contact.

 "What?! Why?""The King and Queen of Bermuda are here, that's why!"I raised my head slightly to coach glimpses of the royals, my eyes darting up and down to avoid eye contact

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The Queen, Lavinia, wore a an extravagant navy gown, gold lining the edges of its precious fabric. Her hair were warm, brown locks, adorned by the most finest of jewels. "As expected from a powerful Queen."

Her husband wore similar robes, Astrali symbols etched into the details of the material. The light shone onto his pale hair, creating a shadow that looked over his smile. It was the type of smile that made you uneasy, as if there was more to the situation than what you would expect.

"Please rise everyone." He called, the sound of movement filling the room. His eyes scanned the crowd of people, darting from person to person until he stopped on my father. The staring contest ended briefly but it sent a thousand messages whirling in my brain. His smile got wider when he looked just across to him.

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