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MARSHY: i love these two too much.


It had been three months since three students at Westerburg had committed suicide. Four students were dead.

Heather Chandler, the first reported death, killed by digesting drain cleaner.

Kurt Kelly and Ram Sweeney, the second and third deaths, they had a suicide pact, died by being shot in the chest and neck.

And finally Jason "J.D" Dean, who blew himself up on the high school premises, cancelling all football games for atleast a year or two.

Heather Duke and Heather McNamara were Chandler's lap dogs, in a way. But after her death, Duke took power and turned into something the school never saw in Chandler. A real Mythic Bitch. The green girl was suspended for a week, after pressuring one of her closest friends into suicide. Luckily, Heather McNamara was stopped by Veronica Sawyer, and they're both still alive, same as Martha Dunnstock, who also attempted suicide.


"Hey Heather!" Veronica chirped, walking up to the head cheerleader, "Oh, hey, Ronnie.." Mac replied, voice shaky. The blonde looked like she hadn't slept at all over the weekend, so she was slightly asleep, "Hey, Heather?" Veronica asked, concerned, and Mac jolted upwards.

"So-Sorry!" She blurted, rubbing her eyes, as Veronica patted her shoulder. "You look like you didn't sleep at all last night... Everything okay?" The small brunette asked.

"Didn't sleep last night...or all weekend.." Mac sleepily mumbled, leaning against her locker, "Is this about Chan?" Veronica asked, and Mac shook her head.

"No... D...Duke's free from suspension and is coming back today.." Mac sniffled, and Veronica mouthed an "Ooooh", before tightly hugging her, "And your anxiety hasn't been helping.." The blue girl finished, as they started to chat a little bit more.

"I'm scared she's going to hurt me again.." Mac admitted, and Veronica was about to say something, but then-




Came heels through the hall followed by whispered, and for a moment Mac and Veronica thought Chandler rised from the dead. Though Chandler's ghost was right next to Veronica with an unamused expression, "Such a sad little poser." The former queen scoffed, but the brunette ignored her and Chandler, of course, disappeared, annoyed.

Duke continued down towards them and Mac tensed, before rushing into the bathroom, and before Veronica could follow-

"Veronica Sawyer." Came the green girl's commanding tone, and said girl slowly faced her with a grunt, "What?" She asked, as Duke was about to open her mouth but then a group of jocks shoved her to the ground, in the process Veronica beung shoved into the bathroom, ending up ontop of Mac.

"Well?" Mac asked, teary-eyed.

"She's back, but woah, she just got shoved by a bunch of jocks!" The brunette exclaimed, as Mac proceeded to come over and watch through a crack in the door. Through the crack, the jocks were yelling and cursing at Duke, then they all beat her and ran away.

(Marshy: I feel bad, I love Duke!)

Mac couldn't help but feel bad. Sure, Duke did almost get her killed, but no one, not even Duke, deserved to be destroyed. Even though Chandler did that to many others, Mac didn't want to be the same. She was about to go help her when Veronica held her back, "You shouldn't, after all she did."

"But she doesn't deserve it.." Mac mumbled, "Alright, but Mac, I'd say wait til she comes to talk to you. Okay?"

"O-Okay.." Mac concluded, and the two walked out of the bathroom once they were sure Duke was gone.


As quick as Mac could run, which was quite quick, lunch had basically tied with her at the finish.

Of course, Veronica and Mac were sat at a table with Betty and Martha, and everyone got along well after Heather apologised to the whole school. "...and then I beat her, and now I'm the head cheerleader!" Mac chirped, finishing her story.

Then Duke walked in and everyone silenced. Everyone went silent, the only memory of the dark haired girl was her convincing them into bullying Mac. Duke glanced around, locking eyes with Mac, but then she caught the hostile glares of students nearby and went to an empty table and just sat there.

Everyone continued their conversation, Mac couldn't help but look in Duke's direction, as Veronica tapped her shoulder, "You can go talk to her if you want.."She stated, but Mac shook her head, "I just... don't know, yet." Veronica nodded in satisfaction, nibbling on her sandwich.

About ten minutes passed, and Mac excused herself to the bathroom, having no idea Duke was in a locked stall giving into her bulimia, "Oh Chan, I miss you.." The blonde sniffled, and Duke perked up, seeing that the blonde was alone. She had to do this. Now or never.

She slowly opened the stall door, and Mac scattered backwards, trying to get to the door when Duke grabbed her wrist, "Mac, please-"

"OCCUPIED!" Mac subconsciously screeches, but then slowly stops trying when Duke's grip doesn't falter. The taller girl gulped, "What do you want, Heather...?" She blinked back tears.

"I want to say, I'm sorry." Duke sighed, "And I know you hate me for I did so I'll just go and stay out of your way. I shouldn't have projected my pain onto you, but Chan did always tell me to shut up and bully me." She roughly said, sniffling herself before letting go. She turned to leave and started to leave the small room.

This time Mac didn't run. Instead, as if she were controlled, she grabbed Duke's face and kissed her, and to her shock-prise (Shocked + Surprised), Duke kissed back. It was almost pleasant, then Duke parted away from her.

"I forgive you... and I've been crushing on you since year 6." Mac admitted, a d for the first time in a while, the green Heather smiled and happily took hold of her hand and the two left, heading back to the cafeteria.

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