Chapter 99: Infiltrating the Zodiac Palace

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Soon the Zodiac Palace on the Peak of Placidus came in sight.

"We're there!" Tamie brightened while sitting on Getsuryuu's back - she was happy she'd finally reunite with her beloved.

"Yes, but we must be careful. If this Byakuya guy of yours has indeed attempted to take revenge on the Council in my brother's name, the guards will already be on the alert," Getsuryuu remarked, giving the friends his message telepathically as was the custom for all dragons in their dragon forms.

"Leave the guards to me and Nina," Enya grinned, sitting on Fireball's back together with her sister, "We will take care of them, and you youngsters rush in".

"I will help out the ladies too. One Dragon Tamer is enough to beat the Council," Scott winked at Tiger, himself also sitting on Fireball's back.

"Then it is decided," Edmund smiled.

Thus said, they descended in front of the Zodiac Palace, and indeed, they soon heard the cries of the guards:

"His reinforcements are here!"

"Get them! It's the Rose Cruce Order!"

"Ugh, so it has already started," Riza furrowed her brows - damn, that Byakuya, to rush in so carelessly!

"Well, act as planned!" Scott cried out and when Nina, Enya, and the others jumped off Fireball's back, he yelled his incantation: "Aries Style, Tamer Art, Beast Mode - Fusion!" he instantly fused with Fireball and his giant Yellow Dragon spirit emerged, growling in an infernal voice, sending shivers down the guards' spines.

"Let's go!" Tiger and her friends jumped off Getsuryuu's back too, and let him turn into his human form. They all rushed into the Palace while Nina and Enya unleashed their respective powers of Ocean Water Snake and Purple Poison Pegasus spirits and grappled with the guards side by side with Scott.

The friends - Tamie, Tiger with her pets and Moon Dragon, Kokuyo, Riza, Edmund, Goldmund, Nick, and Erisa - were running forward, through the immense and richly corridors of the Zodiac Palace.

"This Palace should already be full of our enemies. We must be careful," Kokuyo remarked with his hand already put on the handle of his katana, as he was ready for any kind of a sudden clash.

He was right - soon, in one of the corridors, they were met by two Council members - greatly for Tiger's surprise, her very own grandparents - Georg and Sandy Braun.

"Ah!" Tiger exclaimed - her grandparents?! Why were they opposing her? They even had frowns on their faces, and had their arms crossed, as if angry. "W... What's going on?"

"Tiger, what's the meaning of this?" Georg raised an eyebrow, "How come your order is attacking the Zodiac Council? It is against the laws of the whole Zariel realm!"

"But grandpa, there is a disaster going on! Zodiac Council... They did such terrible things behind your backs!" Tiger began retelling them the whole story of the twin dragons and the von Drachen Clan annihilation, behind all of which stood none other but Marvin Wagner, the former Council member who was well acquainted with the current Council leader, Guy Hernandes, who happened to be his own son-in-law.

Hearing such gruesome stories they had never heard of before (at least in such a brutal way), both Georg and Sandy widened eyes, but then Georg sighed:

"Sorry Tiger, we cannot let you through. It is against the Zodiac Council policy, and we both are Zodiac Council's loyal members for many years now".

"You can't be serious, grandpa!" Tiger frowned, "What is more important - Zodiac Council or the balance of the whole zodiac circle that has been shaken?"

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