Chapter 22

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Operation Daddy

A/N: Early update! Hey guys so I'm going to try to make my chapters longer. I just don't feel like I'm getting anywhere in the length of the chapters I usually have. Also shoutout to my new favorite book on wattpad "A Litte Bit Ninja". Go read it, I promise you'll love it.

Lilly's POV:

        "Jake, I don't think I can do this." I said stopping on our way to the breifing for today's Central Park mission. He turned and faced me bending down to my level. "We worked so hard to get your dad back. We will find a way to make him normal again. You can have your life back. You can do this." He gave me his pep talk, but I just am too nervous. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself though if..." I trailed off scared of the words about to come out of my mouth. "If someone you know and love dies." He said finishing my sentence for me. "Yeah." I said in a mumble. "We can't control the battle, but we can control how to fight our battle. Fight smart and everything will be okay. I promise you." he rubbed my back and pulled me into a hug, letting my tears wet his shirt. He let go and put his arm around me. "Come on, lets go kick those Brainwashers butt." he said childishly trying to get a smile out of me.  His attempt worked as we walked to the briefing.

           "Williams is expecting a helicopter to pick him up and drop him off. Our team will be flying that helicopter. The Brainwashers are going to board that helicopter at the end of the meeting to go back to Williams' base with him exept we aren't going to let them." The general explained our plan and we all listened with open ears. This was going to be one hell of a day.

       As the General dissmissed us, we looked at each other in worry. Everyone was pretty nervous for this mission, but no one was near as nervous as me. We were surrounding the meeting area in Central Park. I saw the helicopter cirlce the perimeter a couple times. I looked over to Jake in worry. I was so dependent on him now and I was never so dependent on anyone before. It makes me feel weak, but then I realize, if he wasn't there for me ,who would make me stronger? When I think back I am stronger because of him not weaker. He nods back at me reassuring me I can do this. I still have my doubts though. I dragged all my friends into this and if someone gets hurt it will all be because of me.

         I snap out of my thoughts as the helicopter finally starts to land. It's probabaly really illegal for a helicopter to land here, but these are people who do worse. I could see General Forson in the pilot seat. I could see my father get out of the helicopter. The people I couldn't see though, were the people I was dieing to break into peices for what they did to my father. The Brainwashers haven't shown a singal sign of being here. All I could do was wait a reminisce about how they royally screwed up my life. That only made me more determined to finally beat them. I will do it too. Whatever it takes.

No One has yet to see the fiercest Lilly Williams, but I think they're about to. Very. Very. Soon. I thout to myself as I finally caught sight of some people I've been itching to meet.

          I stuck the ear piece in my ear and started listening. "Let's get straight to business, shall we?" One of the two men said with a strong French accent. "Yes, sir. I  have packed up the base to move to the next target. I aslo rounded up my best agents to come with us." my father said motioning towards the door of the helicopter. "As an all male base, I have my five best men here. The other ten coming along are doing final preparations for the move at the base." my father spoke again with the five men standing beside him now. They were huge. Technically could be qualified as living mountains. "Impressive. We have gathered our fifteen agents for the trip as well." The other Frenchman said as fourteen of their men walked out of the bushes.

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