Chapter 44: You Want To Teach Me How To Dance?

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Uncle An took Su Jian to the restaurant that was exclusively for those at higher levels at the company with a dark expression. Su Jian happily ordered a mix of his favorite dishes. In passing, he asked An Yize, “Do you want to order?”

Then without waiting for An Yize to answer, he happily said, “You just ate so much, you’re probably full. Let me help you enjoy, then!”

An Yize: “……”

He was just happily eating when another person suddenly arrived. Su Jian looked up and realized that Ji Mingfei had come over.

“I just finished working and came over to eat. I didn’t expect you would also be here.” Ji Mingfei sounded so honest as if he hadn’t accidentally heard through the grapevine that his majesty carried the empress to eat at the restaurant and came over to observe with the gossip in mind.

Su Jian eagerly said, “Then let’s eat together!”

Ji Mingfei sat down at the two-person table. He laughingly said, “Alright!”

Su Jian saw that An Yize was in a bad mood then saw how warmly Ji Mingfei smiled at An Yize. He then said discreetly, “You guys just chat amongst yourselves! I won’t hold you back! Just pretend I don’t exist!”

Ji Mingfei stared blankly. However, An Yize knew that Su Jian probably was reading too much into it. When he thought of Su Jian’s opinion that he was “homosexual”, An Yize felt his chest start to get stuffy again.

Ji Mingfei grinned, “When I chat with Yize at the office, we only talk about work. It’s not easy for us to get together in leisure so I don’t want to chat anymore!”

Only talking about work and not feelings… A bellyful of love can only be stored in the heart. The lover is nearby but cannot be embraced. Contrived melodrama has always been heartbreaking! Su Jian was silently moved by gay-friend Ji’s bitter tragedy and sent a sympathetic glance towards gay-friend Ji.

Having begun to be able to understand his glances, president An’s mouth twitched.

Completely unaware that he had already been labeled as a miserable gay guy secretly in love with his friend, Ji Mingfei was still giddily laughing. He started conversing with Su Jian. “I just saw sister-in-law help Linda and them fix their computers. Does sister-in-law have an interest in that area?”

Su Jian said carelessly, “It’s alright.”

Ji Mingfei smiled, “Other than those studying computer science, I haven’t met many girls who can fix their own computers. Sister-in-law is amazing!”

Su Jian modestly replied, “You flatter me.”

The two of them started talking eagerly. Throughout the course of their conversation, Su Jian discovered that he and gay-friend Ji were very compatible. Not only did gay-friend Ji have some insight into IT, he also liked the same sports teams. The two of them chatted while eating, talking about science and technology all the way to sports to the general welfare of people to gossip. They chatted rather happily.

President An was expressionless. From beginning to end, he was the very figure of a silent, beautiful man.

Right as he shoved in the last mouthful of rice and was about to respond to Ji Mingfei, Su Jian suddenly felt his throat close up and a wave of nausea rushed over him. He hurriedly covered his mouth then leaned his body over to the side.

After covering his mouth and retching a few times, Su Jian felt his stomach protest. He stood up and said to the two men, “I’m going to the bathroom now!”

An Yize gave him directions to the bathroom and frowned with concern in his eyes. Ji Mingfei looked towards the direction of Su Jian’s back as she ran towards the bathroom. He put his hand on his chin thoughtfully.

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