Chapter 43: I Am Currently Your Spouse, Shouldn't You Take Full Responsibility

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Su Jian’s persistence bore fruit—The centremost lady at the reception desk brought him to the floor where the president’s office resided.

However, under the strict interrogation of An Yize’s chief secretary Linda, he had no choice but to reveal his identity.

“Uh, I’m actually your president An’s…spouse, specially here to bring him lunch.” Facing the refined and intelligent beauty, Linda, Su Jian honestly revealed his identity. At the same time, he was silently envious of his spouse’s luck with girls.

The secretaries in president An’s office were all surprised. Linda was the fastest to react, immediately smiling gently and decently. “Hello ma’am, the president is currently discussing some work with director Ji. Do you wish to wait or…”

Director Ji? Gay friend Ji? Su Jian said hurriedly, “No worries, I will wait!”

Linda smiled, “Then, ma’am, please take a rest over here first.”

Su Jian nodded his head. Linda asked about what Su Jian liked, then she personally made a cup of tea for Su Jian.

Su Jian picked up the cup of tea and acted in a dignified manner. However, he felt forced in his heart. He silently thought: Actually, what I want to drink the most right now is coke. But facing this high-level beauty, a cup of tea seems to add more points…

Fiddling with the cup’s lid, the president’s wife started his cordial talk with the president’s secretary. The president’s wife first expressed his kind greeting to the secretaries, then she asked in detail about the secretaries’ working conditions. The president’s wife showed great concern for the secretaries and spoke highly of the secretaries’ contribution to the president and the company’s development. The president’s wife gave her heartfelt thanks to the secretaries for their many years of concern and dedication for the president’s work development and health. The president’s wife expressed that, with the secretaries’ assistance, the president’s working condition and the company would definitely improve to greater heights.

As the president’s wife asked, the president’s secretary explained some of the basic work that the president did. Both parties also exchanged views about the president that everyone had in common. Their discussion was carried out in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Both parties reached a consensus that it would be better if the president smiled more, and that boiled, sliced meat was the most delicious type of food.

Thus, when Ji Mingfei pushed open the door of the president’s office and came out, what he saw was Su Jian chatting enjoyably with the president’s secretaries and assistants.

“Sister-in-law?” Ji Mingfei was stunned. At the same time, he looked instinctively at An Yize who was in the room, looking down at his work. As for An Yize who had heard his addressing, his eyebrows suddenly furrowed and he stood up quickly.

When president An walked out, what he saw was an unexpected scene: his wife who should have been obediently resting at home, had tied up her hair into a ponytail. Wearing a small pink dress, she was currently sitting cross-legged on a mat on the floor. Her hair was slightly messy and her face was flushed. Holding onto the CPU, she was talking to someone while helping her fix her computer.

An Yize: “……”

As he heard the secretaries addressing “president” respectfully, Su Jian turned around as well, using his hands to wipe off the sweat on his face along the way.

Just now, he was having a very enjoyable chat with the beautiful secretary. Coincidentally, another beauty’s computer had a small problem. He ignored the other’s decline and earnestly requested to help her fix her computer. He himself had learned the computer. In the past, while he was still in school, in order to gain likes from girls, he would earnestly help them fix their computers. However, no matter how many computers he fixed, he never gained any girls, making him feel very disheartened. Now that a beauty needed help, he went up to help the beauty instinctively.

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