Ch 1: Don't Go

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"What's the plan for today? I am thinking waffles..."


"Waffles and bacon... Then we go shopping..."


"Then we take a journey through the forest of Madagascar."


"Or maybe we take our ship through the Bermuda Triangle... I think we might actually make it out this time."


"Come on! You can't still be mad at me. Especially not today," he pouted at me, trying to make me give in. "Forgive P'. Na? Na?"

I looked deep into my annoyingly hyper best friend's eyes, and realize my silent treatment isn't going to work today. He's too excited already, and he never gets tired so I can't really blame him.


"Exactly. Why did you have to wake me up early today? There's no school today. I want to sleep in."

"Because today is YOUR DAY. I want to make the most of it. Now get dressed."

"You act like we are going somewhere. We will just stay in and play at home... Like every other day."



"No. I heard your mae on the phone this morning. She took the day off."

"She did?!"

"Yes! So get dressed my grumpy KitKat. We have to celebrate."

She actually remembered this year. That wasn't like her.

I jumped out of bed real quick, and opened all my drawers to find something to wear.

"What should we do today? I hope she hasn't ate breakfast yet... I really want waffles. Where to go after?"

I asked him after throwing on a T-shirt and some cargo shorts. I don't know how he knew I was craving waffles, but he always knows.

"Haha. Someone's finally awake. What about that place that just opened up near your school? It looked good."

"Yea. Let's go there. Oh, and then I wanted that new Nintendo game."

"Oooh yea, the Pokémon one right?"

I nod enthusiastically. This day won't be so bad after all.

"Wait. Wait. Don't go out yet," he said before I can open the door to leave the room.

"Why? What's wrong? Do I have bed hair?"

I took a shower last night. Do I look that bad?

I moved to the mirror and checked out my look. My hair was fine, and my outfit didn't look too bad on my small stubby body.

Then again I still had these chubby cheeks... and I could use a haircut... have I gained weight?

"Stop that."

"Stop what?"

"Stop. Thinking you look bad. Cause you don't... Do you know what I see?"

Here we go...

"I see the cutest boy on this planet. No... In this universe, and he has the most adorablest dimples..."

"Adorablest, isn't a word-." I cut in, but he puts his hand up to stop me.

"Did I mention he's also the smartest boy I have ever met? We go on the best adventures every day... And today is his special day, so before we leave," he said with a wide smile across his face. "Happy Birthday Kit. I am sooooo happy you were born."

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