Chapter 42: Third Brother Is Still At Work, Why Not Send Him A Lunch

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On the next day Su Jian awoke, he realized Yize was ignoring him.

He recalled that he drank two cups of alcohol yesterday, however, he didn’t expect Su-girly’s body to be so intolerant towards alcohol, otherwise he shouldn’t have been drunk. He vaguely remembered that he probably went to sing, but as for the other details, he couldn’t really remember them.

When he awakened, he was comfortably lying on the bedding. His body was also clean and refreshed. It looked like there was someone who had been taking care of him.

He stealthily went to find An Yirou to ask about the situation.

An Yirou said, “Yesterday, third brother came to pick you up, but I do not know what happened afterwards.”

Su Jian was a little perplexed as he scratched his head. “Your third brother is ignoring me.”

An Yirou was silent for a while, then gracefully described Su Jian’s actions from yesterday.

Su Jian was also silent. He also vaguely knew that he would be different when drunk. He guessed it was yesterday after he got drunk that An Yize got tired taking care of him, so he was angry at him.

At the side, An Yirou said, “I saw third brother with quite black panda eyes today. He looks like he hadn’t slept for one day.”

Su Jian once again felt magnanimous and a little apologetic, so he sighed and said, “Then how about I go and apologize to him?I was drunk. It also wasn’t intentional.”

An Yirou energetically brainstormed for ideas. “If not, when third brother comes back, third sister-in-law, you can hug him whilst acting spoilt? Third brother loves you so dearly, he’ll definitely won’t pick on you anymore!”

Su Jian envisioned himself hugging An Yize’s neck while coyly speaking, “Hubby, don’t ignore me, I’m really scared” this scene, he silently quivered for a while, uttering. “This time your third brother’s crazy behavior seems to be quite a peracute displeasure, so I’m afraid this won’t work.”

Remembering Su Jian’s situation last night, and comparing it to those two words “crazy behavior” just now, An Yirou silently gave her brother a little flower of sympathy, simultaneously deciding to help her brother fight for a small materialistic benefit. So she uncannily said, “Then I have an idea. It’ll definitely work.”

Su Jian hurriedly asked, “What solution?”

An Yirou put on a serious face. “It is said, that at dawn the husband and wife will start to bicker, but when night falls, it’ll be resolved. Why doesn’t third sister-in-law, on his bed… ahem, apologize to third brother then.”

At first, Su Jian was puzzled as to why he had to apologize on the bed, and after seeing An Yirou’s blatant and teasing gaze, he immediately understood. Later, he instinctively visualized it again—

He was butt naked when he aggrievedly kneeled in front of An Yize on the bed, emotionally saying, “Hubby you can trample on me as much as you want! As long as you aren’t angry with me anymore!”

An Yize disrobed his shirt, exposing his bare torso, bending down to incite his chin. The corners of his mouth slid upwards, overflowing with devilish allure. “You bothersome hussy, tonight I won’t let you go!”

….Su Jian was so shocked until he almost couldn’t keep his balance.

“Aren’t there any other ways?” Su Jian inquired.

“Other ways?” An Yirou searched through the plots of novels and dramas she had seen. “Ah, there is! Third brother is still at work, why not send him a lunch filled third sister-in-law’s love !”

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