Your Man

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He cupped my heat.

"Are you sure?" he taunts.

"Y-yes," I stuttered.

"I don't know baby." He trailed this finger along my body. "You've been a bad girl."

I felt weak.

His stare.

His body.

His presence.

"I'll be good! I promise," I whined as he teased my clit.

"Hmmm, so wet for me." He moved his finger between my folds.

"J-just put it in!"

Why must he make me this way?

"Darling,"  he continued to tease me, this time playing with my left nipple, "Noona, Babygirl."

"Do you really want this?"


"That's not what I heard earlier." He continued to tease me, this time adding a two fingers into me.

I moaned.

But they didn't move.

"My babygirl is so needy for me."


He took his fingers out of me.

"Ah ah ah babygirl," he said, "Tonight, I'm your daddy."


"What you like, babygirl?"

"Y-you," I whispered.

"What was that? I didn't hear that."

"I want you to be inside of me!" I continued, "I want you!"

"Ah, such a good slut for daddy."

I inserted his fingers into me and started thrusting them in and out.

He connected our lips together and started to kiss me roughly. He bit my bottom lip. I moaned, giving him a chance to slip his tongue in.

I felt close.

I tried to speak as he continued to kiss me. "D-daddy I-"

He took out his fingers.

I whined.

"Why did y-"

He cut me off by roughly trusting in to me.

"Ah," I moaned as I held his shoulders.

He started sucking on my neck, leaving hickeys here and there.

I grabbed his back, giving him scratched due to the large amount of pleasure he's giving.

I felt this movements become sloppier and sloppier. 

He was close.

And so was I.

He continued thrusting.

"D-daddy, I-im going to c-cum," I moaned.

"Hold it."

I could hear him grunting and goaning.

"You can cum now," He bit on my earlobe.

I came.

He pulled out.

I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

"Wow, did I just fuck someone in a bathtub?"

"Yes you did," Jungkook panted.

He carried me, bridal style, to our room.

"Noona, I wanted to aske something," He started.


"Do you love me?"


"C-can I be  you b-boyfriend," he shyly stated.


I jumped on him and hugged him.

He carried us back tot he bed.

"I think this deserves a celebration," he said.

"Round 2?"

He climbed on top of me.

I flipped him over, taking him by surprise.

"But this time..."

"I'm going to be your mommy."

A/n: Yeah, that was another shit smut. I tried. I wasnt so sure how to include all the kinks you wanted Jungkook to have soo I am going to make different parts.... You horny people😂

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