The Makeover [19]

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Once my mother was out, Lisa approached us with the same booklet she was looking through. 

"Now all you guys have to do is choose a treatment," she said handing us the booklet and my mother took it. Together, Amber and I crowded around her to get a look. 

"We should get this one!" Amber said tapping one of the pages.

"No, we need something for hair, nails and waxing," my mother  stated. 

"Waxing?" I questioned. 

"Darling, you're one of the hairiest children I've ever seen besides your brother, "my mother said nonchalantly and I gaped at her. Looking up at me she smiled brightly, "don't worry, your father had the same problem until I called him a gorilla. Now he shaves," my mother said with a wink and my jaw dropped even more. 

I shook my head, I said, "no waxing."

"What I didn't hear that Rosie," my mom said. I opened my mouth to repeat what I was going to say, but she cut me off and looked at Lisa, "Can we get this one?" She said that specifically had waxing. Lisa nodded and closed the booklet.

"Follow me," she said.

"What was that, Rosalie?" My mother said with a raised eyebrow and I grimaced at her. Evil.

"Nothing," I muttered and she smiled. 

"Your mother is ... " Amber trailed off with a slight grin. 

"Something different?" I suggested and Amber nodded in agreement. 

The first thing that we got were messages. To say that Amber was sorely disappointed when she didn't get a male of a masseuse was understatement. Throughout the whole thing she kept her face in a pout, but didn't say anything in response. 

For my mother, she was very grateful, but was slightly uncomfortable to be laying on her stomach because of the baby and instead opted to just get her feet messaged. When we were done she was pratically glowing.

Me, on the other the hand, felt like I just had three thousand bones broken. The lady said I had a lot of stress, but from what? I had no clue. All I know is that by the time I was starting to get a bit more comfortable the lady with the impossibly strong hands was finished. 

"Uh, that felt amazing," my mother said as she stretched and I could only smile. 

I did feel somewhat relaxed, but the process to get there was somewhat painful. 

"Where's all the cute guys?" Amber muttered as she looked around disappointed. I patted her on the back and Lisa re-appeared moments later. 

She guided us towards a different direction. This area was a bit brighter than the rest of the building and held a nail salon. Three other woman were already getting their nails done, but we didn't pay much mind to them. However, that didn't mean they ignored us. 

One woman had bright blonde hair and a chest that looked like it would burst from her robe. The other two looked like her, but without boobs the size of watermelons. 

They kept pointing towards us and staring and I just rolled my eyes. 

Don't pay attention to them, Rosalie, I thought to myself. 

"Hello," a woman greeted us and Lisa smiled as she departed from us. 

"Hi," we said in chorus and the woman's grin became bigger. 

"My name is Hilary and these are my two assistants," she said as she pointed to two girls with brunette hair approaching us. "We will be doing your nails today," she finished with a grin and we smiled back. She lead us to a different part of the nail salon and away from the staring trio that were not too far from us. 

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