The Northern Lights

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Human Name - Annika Caja Kvalheim

Place of Representation - Northern Lights

Age(appearance-wise) - 20-21 Years

Gender - Female

Appearence - She has silky blonde braided hair that falls down to her hip, but when undone, falls down to her knees (however, she rarely unbraids it because it weighs her head down). Her eyes when calm are a bright icy blue that have flecks changing from purple (depressed or saddened), to pink (angered or flustered), to street-light green (happy or joyful), and back again when emotions are trigged. Due to lack of sunlight the majority of her life, she is causcasin and very sennsitive to the sunlight.

Attire - As a young child (*cough* Chibi *cough*) she wore a plain fluffy white dress with brown boots. In her teenage years, she wore clothing that the Viking women wore as well into the beggining of her journey into adulthood (to protect her from other Viking clans during raids, her brothers disguised her as a male and she has good practice acting as such). In modern times, she prefers to wear dresses of variating color (but mostly blues and greens) paired with black flats.

Personality - She can be very adventurous and overly-curious at times when taken to a place she's never been and persist to explore every inch of the place, and if torn away she will eventually find her way back and continue her "exploration". Other times when introduced to strangers, she will back away as she is vary cautious of people she has never met before. Once you get to know her, she will open up little by little and tell you things, but not before you share some things with her first.

Passions - She enjoys walking outside in the middle of the night just to watch the aurora--or techniqually herself--whip across the sky with the stars sparkling in the night above them. She can use magic and will spend days in the basement poring her eyes over the tomes of alchemy and summoning. There is always a bigger world to learn and explore while experimenting on the way, so why not try it out?

Others - She can actually speak many tongues such as Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Icelandic and Canadian French. Her English is slightly broken and she sometimes forgets a verb now and then. She speaks English with a British accent because England is the one who taught her that language. She is the only living Ancient, still ruling her kingdom in the sky but with less power then before. A very, very, very, very long time ago, it strecthed across the entire planet, thus strengthining her in God-like ways. She has lost most of her power and the memory of that period has long been forgotten, but she remembers it well.

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