"Chapter 1"

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CH1: Busy Mornings

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CH1: Busy Mornings.

"No Sooyoung, Jennie is not wearing those bulge floral dresses for the shoot."

With her earpiece stuck to one of her lobes, she tries to put her newly ironed black slacks on, matching it with a similar in color blazer and a newly washed white top, as she opted for another Park Chaeyoung signature look. Hair all combed straight and ready to start the already busy day.

"I'm not gonna make my artist wear something so preposterous, even if it's for some fancy brand, you know me very well how I don't do those. If they won't allow it then pass them the phone tell them that Jennie Kim's manager wants to have a word with them right now!"

Yes, you read it right, Park Chaeyoung is the very strict and composed manager of globally known artist Jennie Kim.

Unlike most managers though, who can top off wearing simple T-shirt's and jeans when going out with their artists, the lady prefers to always look formal and smart just like the idol she's managing.

"Look Mr. Yang, its a garden setup, Jennie's not gonna need to wear more flowers to elaborate the theme." While she continued her conversation through the phone, her hand busily scans her planner, checking the busy schedule she had set for her artist and the rest of the team who work with them.

"Look I'll have a quick chat the shoot director later on, just make sure that Jennie is fitted for that simple white dress I picked out yesterday. I have to grab some breakfast now, I'll be there in a few."

Exhausted, she reached out for her black old trusty heels underneath her dresser, putting it on and fixing the slightly torn strap before she headed out of her room to eat some breakfast.

Grabbing some beans and some bread, she decided to go for a simple combo of toast and coffee for breakfast, not like she had a choice since that were the remaining contents in her fridge as of now.

Heaving a sigh she pops the beans in the coffee machine and throws a pair of bread in the toaster, turning to check her ringing phone in her pocket.


The caller's ID displayed itself on Chaeyoung's screen, but the girl didn't even bother to pick the call up, returning her phone on her right pocket and busied herself in making her coffee, adding some teaspoons of sugar before taking out a plate to put her toast on.

"Aw I burnt it." Her lips turn down and forms a frown as she took out the two pieces of bread out of the toaster, holding tightly onto her butter knife to spread some margarine on the toast.

She was about to grab a bite when a knock from the door stops her from doing so, making her sigh deeply as she drops the toast on the plate. "Park Chaeyoung!"

Him again.

Frowning, Chaeyoung forced herself to walk to the door, her heels clinking on the tiled floor as she reaches to unlock the door and face the unwanted regular guest with his signature asshole attitude.

"Could you please remind the delivery guy that your door is room 251 and not 250? It's been 7 months yet he still can't put it in his head." A guy who's height towered over her shoves a neatly wrapped package straight to her face, eyes still hooded from sleep and hair is still a mess.

"Mmm, I'll try to remind Mr. Jung again." Chaeyoung replies shortly. taking the package away from the man infront of her and setting it on a drawer just near the door, forcing a tad smile on her face.

"The guy's getting old you know, he easily forgets Jungkook."

Jeon Jungkook, why he's only Chaeyoung's very friendly and accommodating neighbor for 7 months and a half, who she probably would've never met if she didn't choose to buy the cheapest apartment on the block that was near the city where her job usually was.

If she were to put him into words she'd probably say that Jeon Jungkook is the perfect description of a gentleman, a knight prancing around in all black clothes ready to prove to the world that chivalry isn't dead.

Please note the sarcasm.

"Well he needs to start remembering cause some people are getting very irritated when someone knocks on their door at 6 am in the morning to hand them packages that they don't even own." Jungkook snickers, running his hands through his hair.

"The man's done disrupting my sleep."

Chaeyoung wanted to roll her eyes, already kmowing the direction of his whines and complains and ha seven fed up with it. It's not that it was her fault the old delivery man has trouble forgetting which door is which but then again she doesn't really put much effort to complain about it.

I really have no time for his nagging right now.

"Well I'm really sorry for that, I'll try to call him later." In haste Chaeyoung used the wooden frame to push the man back out when she feels her phone vibrate,  muttering a quick thanks and goodbye before shutting the door completely.

"Why can't Mr. Jung put the 251 number code in his head anyways." Chaeyoung mumbles irritably, making a note to call the postal office about it and end her problems that associated with her neighbor.

Suddenly her attention was brought back to her phone, that continued to buzz in her pocket. Unlocking it she came to open a message from her artist.

Chaengie? Where are you?
We're leaving for the shoot in 30.

She takes a glance at the time and accidentally curses out loud.


Taking her small hand bag and keys from her coat, Chaeyoung rushed out of her apartment with not a minute to spare getting on a cab before she dialed Jennie's number

"Yes, yes so sorry to make you guys wait.  I'm on my way to your location now."


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Please forgive my lapses and mistakes.
It feels weird to write again.
See you guys next week.
Happy New Year!

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