7) Fall Fun

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Here's another chapter dedicated to today, the first day of Autumn.



Fun things to do in Fall!!!!!

•Go apple picking or make candy apples if you can't go apple picking.

•Pumpkin patch!

•Hay rides!

•Watch horror movies (yeah uh nope. Not for me, but to those who like them)

•Carve pumpkins you got from a pumpkin patch!

•Have a bonfire with family, friends, or both.

•Make your own fall candles (melt wax and you can add your own oils and scents too.) use an empty candle glass and clean it out so bam! You have your own candle. Or if you don't like candles, try a diffuser, use a fall scent too!

•Take spectacular pictures with fall leaves and trees. Be creative about it, make it your own.📷

•Watch Halloween movies👻!

•Volunteer and do things for your community.

•Go to a fair or a football game🏈.


•Visit a haunted house.

•Hike. It's so beautiful especially with the color of the leaves in this season.

•Visit a Fall festival.

•Bake pumpkin seeds and then season them. So good!

•Go through older clothes and donate them to organizations. Then you can buy some new Autumn clothes.

•Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

•Rake leaves then jump in the leaf pile.

•Get hot cocoa or make it. You can top it with whip and cinnamon, or no whip. Marshmallows and chocolate chips, etc. and go outside.

•Read a good book even if you buy a new one and add to your mini library. And read by a fire, or a fake fire.

•Spend time with those who you love.

•Create memories.


I hope you enjoyed reading this and got a lot of fun ideas for this season! Go ahead and go outside! Show the world your autumn spirit, if ya wanna. I hope you do some of the things in this list I brain stormed a while for, and got some ideas off the internet. Have a beautiful and blessed first day of Autumn.

QOTD: You were given this life, because you are strong enough to live it.

Lots of love and candy corn,


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