Chapter 1 - Moving in

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A/N: I'm not sure about how the whole 221 building is set out but let's just say that 221b has two bedrooms ok? Mainly because John is meant to have 221a and I'm not sure what the very top flat would be because there are 3 floors and 221c is below Mrs. Hudsons flat and it all so confusing just look at the link below for more info about it. I may be making this more complicated than it already is but hope you enjoy! (I'm such a fucking idiot I swear)

You knock on the door of 221b, suitcases in hand (and one box on the floor) waiting for your new landlady to let you in. It was a Sunday which meant you had a day to settle in before you had to start work at Scotland Yard as a Forensics Scientist. You moved to London when you were 15 grew up here, but moved away months after you turned 18 for reasons which didn't concern anyone but yourself... Only vaguely remembering the streets nearby you recount the surrounding shops. There's the Coffee shop down the road and a bookstore over there and- you were snapped out of your thoughts by the sound of the door opening.

"(Y/N)! Glad you made it! Sorry, If you were out here long, dear." Mrs. Hudson... an old family friend. Lovely lady, kind, loving, like a second mother to you.

"No, It's ok Mrs. Hudson. It's only been..." you check your watch. "About 3 minutes, its fine, really,"

"Oh heavens! It's freezing out here! Come on in," Mrs. Hudson grabbed your hand and took you inside.

"So you'll be taking the top flat, 221a, dear. Here are the keys," She hands you a set of old keys. "If you are to make a copy of them please let me know,"

"Of course, thank you so much!" You drag your two (F/C) suitcases up the stairs stopping in front of 221a. You unlock the door and walk into the dust-covered flat. Boxes and old books scattered the floor. "At least it's somewhat furnished," You say as you walk over to a green couch placed diagonally by the fireplace. Above the fireplace, there was a fairly new looking tv and a few bookcases by the wall near the door. "I can make this work," And off to work you went.

~~ 7 PM ~~

Finally, you were done with your new flat. The place was dusted and everything was in place. The green couch was set perfectly in front of the fireplace with a small coffee table in front. Some of the books you found in the old boxes were placed on the shelves. A desk was set nicely by the window and photographs were pinned to the board. It looked like you've lived here for a while. It was perfect-


"Oh shit," You dived to your bag where you pulled out a Walther p99 and load the handgun. You slowly walk down the stairs carefully, not making any noise as you reach the flat of 221b. You point the gun inside the flat. "Drop the gun!" A short man with a SIG P226 spun around.

"Woah wait!-" The short man said

"Who shot the gun?!" You ask.

"I did," A tall man says as he jumps off his chair and makes his way towards you. He leans towards you and squints his eyes.

"What is he?"

"Deducing. He can tell your whole life story from one look," The shorter man said.

"Well? What can you tell?" You say confidently. You were curious about another person with the same abilities. (A/N): Oh, did I forget to say you have the ability to deduce? oops😅)

"You're a forensics expert and your father was a soldier because you know how to hold a gun. You moved to London because you couldn't stand your fathers alcohol addiction. You're wealthy able to afford a flat like this and you have no siblings. Am I right?"

"Close but not quite..."

"What?!" The tall man looked surprised

"Yes, I'm a forensics expert... But, my mother was in the army and has a drinking problem, my father left years ago and the reason I could afford this flat is that Mrs. Hudson is a family friend, also I have a brother, but I don't keep in touch," They both looked astonished, mouths agape.

"Sherlock Holmes," The tall man introduced, stretching his arm out.

"(Y/N) (Y/L/N)," You replied as you shook his hand. You turn to the short man.

"Oh! John Watson," He smiled

"Afganistan or Iraq?" You questioned, but immediately shut up after realizing what you said.

"Afganistan... Did you just..?"

"She deduced..." Sherlock dragged. He seemed quite surprised at this new information. "Carry on," You hesitate before taking a breath, you really hoped you didn't freak them out, even if one could do what you did.

"Well from what I can tell... May I?" You take his phone and observe for a while then put it back down. "I know you're an Army doctor. I know you've got a sister who's worried about you but you won't go to her for help because you don't approve of her alcohol addiction; more likely because she recently walked out on her lover." Silence. They looked utterly shocked at your precise deduction skills, well you hoped it was precise.

"That was... better than Sherlock! How did you know it was a sister and not a brother? I mean "Harry Watson" and "Clara xxx" seem to point to a brother" John started to ask.

"Well, I always think its a brother but I seem to always be wrong. So I thought why not take a shot in the dark? Also, my aunt's nickname is Harry short for Harriet. So I was spot on then?" you smile to yourself as you turn to Sherlock. "So... detective?"

"Yes... excuse me," He exited the room mumbling to himself.

"D-did I say something wrong?" You stutter still facing the kitchen.

"I think you said everything right!" John said still in shock.

"Well, I best be off then... It was nice meeting you, John." You exit the flat thinking to go back to your place but instead go out for a cup of coffee from the café down the road.


Sherlocks POV.

"D-did I say something wrong?" I heard her say from the other room. It was absolutely extraordinary. I walked to the mirror and looked into my eyes. Dilated pupils. Pulse increase. Clear signs of...sentiment. But why her?

"Sherlock, I'm going!" John said from the living room.

I walk out to the living room and ask "Where?"

"Out, need some air," John leaves the flat moving past Mrs. Hudson. Finally milk(!).

"Look at that, Mrs. Hudson. Quiet, calm, peaceful. Isn't it hateful?"

"Oh, I'm sure something'll turn up, Sherlock. A nice murder – that'll cheer you up."

"Can't come too soon"

"Hey. What've you done to my bloody wall?!"

I smile at the masterpiece on the wall. Smiley face and a few bullet holes. Truly beautiful!

"I'm putting this on your rent, young man!"

I grin over-dramatically at the bullet filled smiley face, then sigh and turn my head to the kitchen, I make my way to my violin and start to play.

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