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                      4 months later     

                           Jack p.o.v
I can't with Gabbie anymore she drives me crazy. God I wish I never knew her. 3 more weeks left until Gabbie leaves for Florida. What why did I get a call from Brittney. We haven't talked in months.

J-What why
B-she got drunk and punched a guy
J-How can you get arrested like that
B-Because after that he kissed her...
J-Still how does that relate on going...
B-LET ME FINISH she then punched him and the cop saw that and arrest her.
J-That's dumb
B-Yah well I need 7 million dollars to get her out.
J-Too bad for you.
J-I'm kidding you'll find a way bye

I really didn't want to see either of them right now. But I mean li.....WHAT. I just saw Maddie running down the street. Then she ran to Daniel. Oh my fucking god. No she can't run to him. I...I....I don't care.

I was looking on youtube when I found an old cover I made. I also found one of Corbyn.

I also found one of Zach.

I found one of Daniel as well.

What he was on American idol. Anyways I found one of Jonah too.


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