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Namjoon just needed to be alone. Away from his phone, away from his toxic thoughts. What better to do than take a midnight stroll?
Now, he didn't live in the best area. Heck, only two days back, there had been a stabbing just by his house, but he still decided to take a walk, for only then he could clear out his mind. The way the dark sky was lit up by the stars, the way the blue moon shone down on his pale skin, the way his tears strolled down his cheeks. Everything was helping him feel better, he felt at ease in the nighttime.

Hands in his pockets, he walked through the park, the broken streetlights flickering and lighting up the damp path. Namjoon saw a few people about, mostly out with friends as it was a Friday night, but only he was alone, strolling through the empty park. 
Namjoon took in how the occasional car would pass, causing the wind to nip at his exposed skin. But he kept walking. Until, he heard a sickly familiar voice.

"Namjoon-ah! Wait up!" The voice rang out, and as he looked over his shoulder, he saw Jimin running after him, face flushed.
Namjoon, who rolled his eyes, sped up his pace and came to a crosswalk. He was about to cross when he got pushed to the ground, his sight going blank.

And, feeling a sharp pain in his chest, and his jacket then absorbing liquid, the last thing he heard was a distressed,
"Namjoon! NAMJOON! NO! How could you do that, you fucking idiot?! YOU COULD'VE ALMOST KILLED HIM-!"
before he passed out entirely.

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