Chapter 34 - A Friend Or A Stranger

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Hiya:)) So the previous chapter was SasuSaku, and the non-SasuSaku shippers "kind of" despised it. So it make it EQUAL, and FAIR, this chapter is NaruSaku so kk.

((Non-SasuSaku shippers, pleaseeee understand why I'm doing thissss))


A day passed since all the craziness has gone over me. I didn't even realize that I was silently squealing at my room because Sasuke hugged me. Seriously. Am I fangirling? HAHAHAHA NO. But anyways, he really did hug me right? I'm pretty damn sure that the hug scene wasn't some dumb  hallucination or somethin'.

I was taking a rest since we received a message from sensei that he, along with Gai-sensei, Kurenai-sensei, and Asuma-sensei will be going on an S-Rank mission, and they won't be back after a few days since they're the ones hunting the criminal. The S-Class criminal. 

Before I spat down to deep slumber, I decided some company would entertain me. Well . . . particularly not Sasuke- that'll just be awkward. Tenten? No, she is busy with Neji making babies- er, I mean getting his attention. Hehe. Ino? No, she's stalking Shikamaru, wait, that's just creeeepy. Hinata? Hm, she will do. BUT, the only thing I'm concerned about is his cousin. Tenten is taking a break from getting that Hyuga's attention, by the way. Well, off to Hinata-chaaaaan!


I knocked quietly at her door. "Helloooo? Are you there, Hinata? It's Sakura." I called out for her but then again, why does bad luck encounter me whenever? The one who opened the door was no other than Neji Hyuga. THAT FUH-REAK. 

"Heyyy, sup?" I asked.

"Hinata's gonna be back, she just went to the Academy to look for some books." Neji said. 




"So, can I come in?" I asked again, smiling sweetly at him. But you do NOT wanna hear my inner. Don't. you. dare. 

"Hn." He went away, leaving the door open. My mouth gaped wide and there was a question mark over my head in confusion. Was that a 'yes' or a 'no'?

I brushed it off and shook my head, and smiled again. "I'LL TAKE THAT AS A YES!"

I went inside then giggled. Their house was good. And as I sat down, I breathed deeply and acted a little bit un-lady-like. Neji gave me a vigorously look. I blinked. Twice. 

"I know, Neji. I'm beautiful as shit. No need to look at me, you see me like, everyday." I joked, waving my hand softly in the air. My beauty is like a password. I'm the only one who knows it. Yep, I'm pretty much the only one who realizes my beauty- which is a fraud. 

"Hn. You act so silly." he judge. Oh no you didn't, sis-tah. Wooophie, I mean bro-tha. Haha. 

"Why's that?" 

"Un-lady-like movements."

"I'm not like Hinata."

"I know."

One second, I can manage myself from getting angry but now? I can kick out the living soul of that jerk infront of me. He went upstairs and I saw Hinata coming inside. 


I smiled. "Heyyy, Hinata! So I got bored and I was wondering if you'd like to hang out," I said. She smiled also and nodded. 


We were outside, chatting. And then one thing clicked on my head. "Hey, Hina-chan, no offense but, Neji is tooooooo judgemental. Like, seriously." I rolled my eyes. She giggled. 

"Neji-nii-san is just tooooo perfect also. That's why he's judgemental."

"Hmph. But, can I beat up the living soul out of him? If I had not controlled myself, your house might probably destroyed right now." I said trully.

She gulped, "Hah. A-Anyway, S-Sakura-chan . . . " she stuttered, "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Yeah, sure. You know you can tell me anything." I nodded. 

"I like Naruto-kun." I was slowly drinking water but spitted the fluid inside my mouth when I heard those words. I coughed and she patted my back carefully. 

"S-Sakura-chan, you okay?!"

"Yeaaah. Come again? You like... Naruto? As a friend, or more than a friend?"

She didn't answer. I know it all. Why do I suddenly feel... sad? Do I like Naruto as much as I like Sasuke? Don't be such a whore, Sakura. Uhh. 

Hinata . . . 

I like him too. 

Don't get me wrong, I love duck-butt Uchiha as well.

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