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Sax - Fleur East

C H A P T E R 1 2

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It had been two days since the rogue attack and everyone was still on edge. The memories of what happened lingered in everyone's minds, the two deaths serving as a reminder that this was a serious attack. And although he didn't admit it to anyone, Kaiden was devastated that he lost those two members.

A funeral was held yesterday in memory of the two fallen members. I had watched in sadness as the mates of the two dead wolves cried their eyes out. A part of me felt like it was my fault that this happened. It's stupid to think that just by going off one dream but it's how I felt. I couldn't get it out of my head.

I was surprised when Kaiden sought comfort from me. He held my hand and didn't let it go once. I hated how I was happy about him seeking comfort in me.

Since yesterday, Kaiden has been in his office. Working. I understand he feels like he failed his pack by letting two members die but he can't blame himself solely. It's not his fault - it's the rogues.

He came by the room late last night and didn't say a word to me as he got into bed. Everybody grieves differently, I know that. After my Aunt Jodie died, my mother completely closed herself off. She couldn't deal with the heavy loss of the sister so she decided it would be better to not feel a thing.

Kaiden is similar in a sense. He closes himself off, builds walls around people. Just when I thought I was knocking down some of his walls, this happens, causing him to put them back up.

The rest of the group - Sky, Harper, Raphael, and Aidan - have tried to lighten the mood and destress me. So far, none of my worries have disappeared.

I'm currently eating in the kitchen, listening to Harper and Sky talk about my training plan today. Well, trying to listen. My mind keeps floating to Kaiden and how he's coping. Ever since he whispered those words to me when I was pretending to be asleep, my feelings have become more intense. I'm concerned for him and I want to be around him more. Sky told me earlier that it was the mate bond, mixed with my own feelings.

What strengthens the mate bond is our feelings. So I can't blame it on this weird bond but myself. Not that I want to blame it. Kaiden said I was starting to worm my way in his heart but little did he know, he was doing the same with me.

"I want to know why those rogues attacked us," I blurted to the two girls, catching them off guard. Harper stares at me with hooded eyes whilst Sky's eyebrows rise in shock.


"I said I want to know why those rogues attacked," I repeat, coolly. "Kaiden's going to be busy trying to get the border safe and getting the house fixed so he won't have time right now to investigate. We, on the other hand, do."

Sky shakes her head immediately in disagreement. She looks appalled that I want to possibly put myself in danger after the attack. Harper regards me with curious and respectful eyes. The corners of her lips curve upwards, pleased with my announcement. Harper appears to be one of those people who admires others who put themselves in danger for the greater good.

"No Quinn, it could be dangerous." Sky asserts with pleading eyes.

"I have to do this—as the luna of the pack. I may not know much about rogues but I know from what you told me that they don't attack like that, in large numbers. I don't think it was a random attack. And—" I stop myself when I realize I'm about to tell her about that man who saved me. I don't know why but I feel like I shouldn't tell her about him. There was something familiar about him. Something trusting.

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