~ Dinner ~

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Yurio's responses to Viktor by now had been reduced to simple groans of acknowledgement and slight head-nods. He didn't say a word in response to the older skater's attempts to explain how 'complicated' it was. As far as Yurio knew, he didn't care that Viktor and Yuuri Katsuki were a thing or not.

It had nothing to do with him anyway. At least, that was what he thought for now, yet to discover that the warm feeling he got from watching Viktor skate was indicating to something a little more intimate.

The young Russian did not pull away when the other took his arm in his, but let out a small sigh as they left the rink.

Walking in to the cafe, the people there all greeted them with smiles and hugs. Viktor hugging pretty much everyone. The daughter of the owner was there and when she saw Yurio, she quickly rushed up and asked for an autograph. It seemed that she was a massive fan.

"Come on now Natalia, let him have dinner first." He guided the girl away and winked at Yurio.

"You are such a ladies man, Chris would be jealous." He laughed softly as they sat down. The meals were, no surprise, Japanese.

When they finally arrived, Yurio decided to stand back as the people working in the restaurants welcomed Viktor like an old friend. He felt a little out of place and frowned slightly as he pulled out his phone.

It was then that a young female approached the Russian Punk, and in response to her frantic fan-girling, he simply raised an eyebrow.

'Jeez. Some people are crazy obsessed.' He thought to himself, barely having the chance to respond before she was ushered away by Viktor.

Yurio didn't mind Japanese food, and so he willingly sat down beside Viktor, leaning his head in his hand as he rolled his eyes at his comment.

"Tsch, please." He said in a slightly harsh but obviously joking tone. "Away from the ice, I can do very little to entice anyone."

Chowing down on a number of meals, Viktor looked over at Yurio as he sipped from his drink.

"You should entertain your fans a little more. They come to see you at the tournaments and on the ice, they cheer you on. They are people who like you, even if you do not like them you should at least give them some love back."

"As if I didn't hear that enough." He sneered a little under his breath, leaning on the table a little more. Whilst Viktor had been training with Yuri for the Grand Prix series, Yurio had been assigned Lilia Baranovskaya, a former Russian ballerina as his coach.

She was hard on him, yes, but very much like a mother to him. She cared and she wanted him to succeed, even up until now, she had been reluctant to leave him to Viktor, and so had he in all honesty. There were only three people Yurio felt it worthy to impress; His Grandpa, Lilia and, admittedly, Viktor.

Sitting back and smiling as he patted his stomach with one hand and his lips with the other, clutching onto a napkin which he threw onto the table.

"Don't worry about the bill, I will pay." He explained and put down his credit card. "Ah! Anyway, As I was going to say." He began and then looked down as his phone rang.

"One moment." He stood up and walked off to the side to take the call.

"Ah! Yuri. Yes. Yes, oh! Okay well..." He continued to speak for a while, laughing and chuckling a few times until he finally finished with "See you! Have fun!" He hung up and walked back over, flopping down onto the seat and running his hand through his hair.

"Yuuri is going to America for a holiday and was just making sure I knew." He chuckled to himself.

"You know, I've not been to another country on a holiday in a long time. Always for a tournament." He explained "Until the first few weeks of Yuuri's training, he had to lose weight so I took it easy. I think I put on weight then!" He laughed and lifted his shirt to reveal his stomach, patting it softly.

Yurio hadn't eaten very much at all. He never really did. Picking at the rice a little as Viktor had already finished various dishes, he reached into his pocket for his wallet but nodded slightly in affirmation and put it back when Viktor said he'd pay.

He wasn't about to argue considering how little he'd actually eaten. Yurio knew exactly who was calling as the phone rang, and rolled his eyes when it was confirmed, laying his head back on the table and closing his eyes, trying to block out how happy Viktor sounded talking to Yuri in contrast to him..

He only opened one eye when Viktor came back and started rambling about Yuri. He truly didn't care about him, and wished that the older Russian wouldn't keep on talking about him, looking down to Viktor's stomach and then back to him, he spoke in a dry tone, muffled by the sleeve of his jacket.

"No kidding." In truth, he thought it was almost cute to see Viktor looking a little more chubby that normal, though not by much. He was still in incredible shape.

Viktor smiled softly when he saw the way that Yurio was acting; he wasn't stupid, even though sometimes he looked like it.

"Come on Yurio, cheer up will you!" He grinned widely. "You're going to be Number One in the competitions with me and Yuri out of the picture!" He patted his shoulder and stood up, saying thank you to the staff and giving a few autographs, telling Yurio to give the girl who was his fan one too before they left.

Outside, he pulled up his coat at the Russian wind bit into him. "It is very cold here in Russia, I sometimes wish I was back in the hot springs of Japan; I spent a lot of time in there!" Viktor chuckled to himself and began to walk down the street again.

Yurio looked up to Viktor, his gaze not pulled into a nasty glare for once, and instead he managed a smile, even though it was still very slight.

"I guess you're right." Yurio said in a softer tone, shrugging a little as he sat back in his seat, giving a slight smirk in Viktor's direction. It was very unlike him to smile in the first place, but then again, he already knew that Viktor could do things to him. Things that he couldn't quite explain. Standing up and following Viktor, the younger skater quickly found the girl who had thrown herself at him before, and gave her his autograph, smiling sweetly as he gently kissed her cheek before leaving.

"There, was that good enough for you?" He was back to a dry tone, but there was still a light-hearted element too it. Yurio didn't wrap himself up much, as he seemed pretty accustomed to the cold weather. Instead, he simply shoved his hands in his pockets and listened to Viktor speak, not saying anything himself, just allowing the other to talk.

"You know Yurio, you will be a star in the tournaments, you are an amazing skater and will go very far." Viktor told him and then eyes went wide.

"Look out Yurio!" Grabbing the younger boy and pushed him into the alcove of a door; a car had mounted the curb to avoid something in the road and had swerved right where they were.

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