Sunshine (Chandlmara)

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McNamara POV

The students of Westerburg High bowed down to the Queen Bee, Heather Chandler with fear in their souls. Being in the same room with her sent chills up our spines. Every time she was angry, storm clouds would form, lightning strikes the ground, thunder roared, and the wind blew with fury. If you were on the receiving end, you'd never see the light again; no one dared to provoke the mighty, mythic bitch. However, no one suspected that she'd have a right side to her, and everyone's curiosity piqued through the roof.

Hardly any emotions surfaced, if any did, however, they were indecipherable. Anger, confidence, and quiet were the terms used to describe her. Once you got to know her personally, she didn't seem as vicious as everyone had previously thought, she appeared quite protective of those she liked. Especially over the ones she much admired, which was us, Duke, Ronnie, and I. As of lately, she's been acting weird, to say the least.

You know that feeling of when you have a small (huge) crush on someone, yet they terrify you in the worst way. Yeah, it's fantastic right? I've had a crush on her since 9th Grade, even back then, she was equally mean. Chandler would show us, occasionally, that there's a sensitive spot underneath her skin, and I'm determined to find it. This would prove to be quite the challenge. Indeed, she isn't too expressive of her feelings, but that won't stop me now.

Back at school

Chandler POV

Everyone is afraid of me, and that's an okay thing. But, this gets annoying after a while, especially if you're trying to attract the opposite, the sunshine. She's beautiful, sweet, kind, and unfortunately, naïve. I'd like my prey to be hard to get, but she's like a cute doe with an injured leg looking at me, she's legitimately my weakness. Oddly enough, I'm getting impatient with her obliviousness, and I'm usually a very patient person. So, this week, I'm going to strike, whether she likes it or not. But, I must play my part as well, an emotionless, cold-blooded human being, but I'd have to tone it down a little bit; I don't want to scare her away. After all, she is my shining star; Mac is the brightest and hottest in the galaxy.

Monday, 12:30 p.m.


Today was going to be every other day, boring, exhausting, and uneventful, but it wasn't, the air felt tight and ominous, something is happening. I don't know what is going on here, a bunch of people seemed uneasy, heck even Duke is skeptical, and she usually dismisses it.

"Dude, something isn't right, whatever this may be, it certainly isn't pleasant to endure," Duke spoke with a hint of concern

"I agree, Chandler is always the cause of something like this, it's worse than any incident before; a new recipe for disaster, don't you think?" Veronica mumbled thoughtfully

"Kurt and Ram seem different as well, they aren't the usual assholes, more the less, they're scared?" I squeaked at 'scared.'

We conversed for a while longer during our lunch break; Chandler hasn't shown yet, she never misses lunch, ever! She hasn't tried to talk or hang out with us all day. Her behavior is undoubtedly suspicious, there's no denying that, but the mere feeling of intensity brushed through the air.

The halls had gone dead silent, you could even hear the drop of a pin, instead of a pin, it was the loud, rhythmic clicking of red heels. This sudden sound caught me off guard; I turned around to see the very tall, red-clad Heather Chandler. She's intimidating up close, even more so when she's giving off a fierce stare into my fragile soul. I am practically in a trance just by looking into her deep, grey eyes, and I can't get out; I'm trapped.

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