The Unexpected Proposal

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This a MaNan SS. Only the characters name are copied from the show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, rest is the part of my own writing and Creation. This is my first attempt so please give a chance to me and this story. Please please.


The phone was buzzing constantly. Unwantedly she grabbed the phone and checked it. There were 15 text messages from her friend Chenn.

Chenn was a Chinese guy whom she met last weekend at the market. She had helped him with direction and the guy liked her helpful nature and had become friends with her. They were even friends on Facebook and had conversation frequently. Chenn was the one who always started the conversation and was always into it while she wasn't much interested.

The text messages were like:

"Good morning my beautiful Indian friend."

"Hey girl, time has past really soon. Can't believe it's weekend already. We're meeting today right?"

"I hope you remember we're meeting today?"

"Where are we going today?"

And there were many more texts like such. She made an irritated face and kept the phone. And only then the phone rang again and she checked it only to see Chenn calling her. She again made a face and answered it.

(The fonts in Bold are of Chenn and in Italic are Nandu's part of conversation)

"Hey girl, where are you?"

"Hey Chenn, I just woke up." (She slowly as she knew he had lacked English listening and speaking skills.)

"Ohh. So I'll be at the market by 10."

"No. Come at 11."

"Okay sure"

"Yeah. Bye"

And she cut the call without listening to him. And called her friend. Her friend answered after few rings.

(Here bold texts are Navy's conversation)

" Hey Navya, what took you so long to answer the call? Do you even know how worried I am? What were you doing? "

"Hey..hey..relax jaan. Tell me what's the problem?"

"Problem? What problem? Nothing at all."

"Come on. Don't lie. I know you in and out Nandu."

Nandini bit her nails nervously and spoke.

"Navuu...You remember that Chinese guy whom we helped last week?"

"Yeah. What's wrong?"

"Actually he wants me to show him the city. What should I do?"

"Nandu...Is this your problem?"


"What do you want to do?"

"I...I don't want to go."

"And you are not able to say no right?"

"Hmmm...Can you accompany me? "

"Sorry Nandu. But today I've already promised Mum to accompany her to the hospital. She's her appointment with the doctor today."

"Ohh...Okay. bye see ya"

"Okay. Don't stress much. See ya. "

Then Nandu goes and gets ready. And reaches the market at 11:30 and meets Chenn.

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