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Bella POV:

Bella was happy, excited, and nervous as she drove to her office with Juliet, which was her first day of the job as the secretary of CEO of the company. She went over her research in her head that she had done in early morning as she was unable to sleep.

Harrington Enterprises is one of the most successful companies in the US. Lucas Harrington is the CEO and eldest son Andrew Harrington who started Harrington Enterprises. Harrington family is one of richest family in states.

Last night, Juliet reminded her that he had been voted one of most eligible bachelors three years in a row and she was single....

Bella had to laugh. Now was certainly not the time to find boyfriend. It was rare to find job with good pay, and the opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing companies was too good to pass up. Lucas was known for taking hands on approach to every aspect of his business. Considered by many to be an absolute control freak. Bella relished the idea of learning from one of the best. Also, Bella was lacking in field of dating as she had only one boyfriend in her 25 year life.

Bella has graduated in business management and wants to do masters but due sponsorship to children she has less money in her account and thus she had applied for the job so she can balance her account and also have experience in the field.

Bella's POV:

Juliet voice brought me back from my thinking, as we reached Harrington Enterprises. Both of us exited the car and entered the office. Juliet greets some people and introduced me to them. We entered the elevator fast as doors of lift were about to close. A girl's loud screaming was heard saying to stop the elevator. As I was near the buttons I pressed the stop button of the elevator and everyone in lift glanced at me like I was a monster and if looks could have killed I would have died 20 times right now as they were angry. I looked at Juliet who was silently laughing at this whole scene. I gave her a glare and she stopped laughing but there was a big smile on her lips.

After few moments a girl entered the elevator, and the door closed. The girl was breathing hard but she gave a smile to Juliet and Juliet smile back at her and ignored everyone else. A guy ask that girl

"Hi Ash, long time no see"

The girl who the guy called Ash glared at the guy at what she said next just shocked me ...
"Hii Jacob, oh no Hii Asshole, Why do you want to know were I was, and I am hundred percent sure you didn't miss me as I know you were busy fucking my so called best friend. So just shut the fuck up. And for your kind information I am Ms. Ryan for you not Ash that name is reserved only for my friends."

Everyone was as shocked as me and was staring at her as if she had grown two heads. Jacob or whoever the guy was embarrassed by her outburst and was looking down. As soon as elevator door opened the guy almost ran out of it. Everyone else also moved out of the elevator and only I, Ju and that girl were left. As doors closed Juliet started laughing crazily holding her stomach and by seeing her I too started laughing.

Juliet told her "Whoa, Ash you gave him perfect answer and thank god I am not that Victoria as I Know you must have something with her too right."

Ash just shook her head and told Juliet that "You know they both deserve that for what they did with me. As you know I am not someone to be messed with." She looked at me and smiled and in return I just stared and gave her a small smile.

Juliet then introduced us to each other.
"Ash meets Bella I mean Isabella Rose my best friend and secretary of CEO it's her first day at company and you definitely made it memorable. Right Bella? And Bella meet Ash aka Ashley Ryan she is assistant manager working under Liam Harrington" Juliet said to me and smirked at Ash, and she just glared at her.

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