Chapter 19

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Argent POV

I wake in my own bed, though I am not even sure when I got here. Or how long I have actually slept. I spent as long as I could sitting with Aida and then father came and ushered me out so we both could get some sleep.

I am literally going to shower, throw on some clothes and go back to her side as soon as I can. And maybe find some food on the way.

After all she has been through, she has a long way to go recovery wise, but at least she is here in the house where she belongs. She is with me where she belongs.

She is basically new to the whole werewolf life. But that is ok. Besides some college classes and Alpha training, I have all the time in the world for her.
We have an extensive library here with literature on our kind. Dating back thousands of years. Some of it is fable but most is based on facts. I'm sure with time she will love learning about who and what we are. We all do.

She took the whole mate thing pretty well. It's a hard concept to explain really. We grow up hearing about it and we all hope to feel it ourselves one day. We wait anxiously for our time to come.
I tried to use love at first sight as an example but in reality it's so much more.
I think she gets it. Or at least she understands the basics. She recognises the fire that exists between us.
That's a great start.

I love that she said she felt "something" when she first saw me too. The moment our eyes locked. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

And now she is here, that life can start. I sound like I'm whipped and I don't even care. It's a strange feeling, something I always tried to escape from with other girls. Not with her.

I lay in the darkness a little longer, thinking about our new life together and teaching her all the fun parts and not so fun parts about our wolf life. She will be a future leader of our pack. I left that part out for now. The pressure would be too much.

I roll to my side and push myself up. I look at the clock on my bedside. It's 10am! I launch out of bed and yank the blinds open. Sunlight! Crap! I open the door to the ensuite and turn the shower on.

I complete the worlds fastest shower and spray on some antiperspirant and some after shave, give my hair the "couldn't- care- less- but- I- actually- care" style I love and that seems to work for me and slam the door behind me as I run down the hall.

I take the stairs two at a time on the way down and swing into the kitchen. Hopefully the masses have left me something to take with me for breakfast on the go. I need to get to her side.

I find pyjama clad James and Jemma in the middle of a hot and heavy make out session in the kitchen. Jemma is sitting on the bench and James is standing in between her legs.

A smile crosses my face as I walk in and open the fridge, pretending not to see them.

"Don't mind me kids."

They shuffle a part looking sheepish.
I grab the OJ jug out, pour myself a glass, return the jug to the fridge and grab an apple off the fruit plate.

I give the red faced pair a wink as I walk out. And then I remember last night. I turn to face the love birds again. They are both standing now.

"James have you spoken with father yet?"

I ask casually as father requested that he tell James about Aida.

James shakes his head.

"No I'm ah, heading there right now. Just got a little distracted."

He winks at Jemma and starts out of the kitchen. She smiles after him and starts to serve herself some breakfast.

These two are adorable. I'm completely jealous.

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