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 Hola people!!

*gives cupcakes to you*OK so , first of all I am very very sorry for not replying on your comments nor responding or updating. Pls don't kill me !

*hides behind a tree *

My dementors like teachers likes to suck out all the happiness from me by giving bundles if homework and projects. And I am to young to perform magic in muggle world *pouts *. But I'll try to cope up with ya all.

 So its been a week since I have opened wattpad and when I read messages of @docritu99  i was dumbstruck. I mean seriously those people copying her stories are ridiculous. They deserve to be locked in azkaban. 

And yes I also want to inform you I have posted a new story on my other account i.e @cupcake_reona .The name of the story is "Mine" don't forget to check it out ! I hope you'll like it. Plzz plzz give some feedback ! 

Until then See ya ! *winks * 

Luv uh all 

~ reona

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