Chapter Nine: One Vision

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Hello. I am Nimja, and this is a very spooky story indeed.

Don't worry, though, it's not as spooky as you might think. There aren't any werewolves, or vampires, or zombies, or people named Afentis.


Instead, this is a story about ghosts. And visions.

To be more precise, it's about those ghosts.

Yes, this is a story about the Spoken.

And presently, we were at their castle.

Why, you ask?


As you know, I have been having visions of HyPN0se for quite a few days now, and the night I defeated him for the third time, I realized that all the visions I had been having corresponded with HyPN0se's plan. Every time HyPN0se had a plan to defeat me, it seemed that I was always called to the scene.

As it was happening.

In real time.

I told OGiNiM, HyDrO, and Slang about this, and they noticed it, too. None of us had any clue why it was happening. No one knew why I kept having real-time visions.

Were they even real-time visions?

Who knows?

Perhaps they were simply mirages or holograms.

Still... everything around me seemed so real. Not to mention that when HyPN0se said he was going to do something, he did. He tortured Slang. He went after my bicycle. He tried to exploit my newfound immortality. Hij sprak Nederlands. And then, of course, there was the fact that I saw him, and could talk to him directly.

And vice versa.

And none of us had any idea what was going on.

Not even I was smart enough to know my own mind.

Thankfully, though, we did know someone who could look into minds.

The Aegislash member of the Spoken.

And now you know why we were at the Spoken's castle.

When we entered the castle for the second time ever, we instantly noticed a few things that were different. For starters, the lights were all on, which relieved Slang greatly.

"Ssssssssssssank goodnessssssssssssss...!" he hissed. "Now I von't hafe to be ssssssssssssscared of eferysssssssssssssssssing around me--!"

I giggled, as did OGiNiM.

And then we looked ahead and noticed the second thing that was different. In direct contrast to the last time we had visited the castle, here the Spoken were out and about. The Aegislash was reading a book in the corner of the room; the Haunter was laughing and pulling lighthearted pranks on the Aegislash, causing him to giggle to himself; and the Trevanant was staying out of the entire thing. None of them, apparently, had noticed our entrance into the castle.

I smiled to myself upon seeing them. It was nice to see the members of the Spoken so active. So this is what they did when they weren't hiding away...

"Hello there," I said.

Instantly, the Spoken stopped what they were doing and, upon seeing myself and everyone else in the group, smiled. The Aegislash floated forward and bowed towards me.

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