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This is self-explanatory. It makes it easier for me to tag you in chapters when I need to get your attention for the sake of the story plot, etc. Also, I usually always follow back, unless I'm busy the at the moment ♥ I don't bite guys, don't worry.


Add this to your library! I don't see why you guys don't add this to your library. It just notifies you whenever there are new uploads and changes made to this book! Doesn't have to be reading list, just your private library is fine.


Be kind to one another! You don't have to agree with everyone's opinions, but please respect them at the very minimum. Also, no fanwars, please. Some fans are honestly really immature and will fight over every small detail, I swear. It drives me insane. I support all of these groups who love all the members with all my heart, so let's get along together well, okay?


This story is somewhat revolved around the readers' and participants thoughts! Yes, I have a story plot planned out, but with your characters personalities. The more people are active, voting, and commenting on their thoughts, the better the story will become with all your ideas! Yes, we have personal lives and school, I understand. But, don't apply for this if you go on Wattpad every 6 months. Please let me know if you change your username or is going on a hiatus. If you do not, I will count you as inactive.


Uzzlangs are highly preferred for this story! Uzzlangs usually can't be used in most of the apply stories because of their lack of videos and gifs so I wanted them to be more available here. You can still use an idol face claim, but I recommend uzzlangs. The maximum age gap I am accepting between your character and the actual person used for the face claim is 3 years. I will not accept if it is over or under that limit. I've seen a 15-year-old Taeyeon before. . . It makes your whole character unrealistic so please do not do it.


You are allowed to reserve a slot! I will allow each account the max of four slots. Just enough for one slot for each group. The max number of slots you can take in a group is two. Reservations will last 5 days max as soon as the form is released.


I WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT take any forms that are turned into me unorganized and messy. It wastes my time trying to organize it. You can pm or comment the form. These forms might be longer depending on whether or not you've used your character before and whether or not you fill out forms fast. I will only accept raw commented forms and pastebin. There will be a specific way I will require you to comment your form, if you do not do it correctly, I will not accept. It will be explained with the form's release.


There was a password, but where to find it is invalid now when I'm updating it so just tell me your favorite song at the moment. a max of four songs, don't go overboard with it. Every slot is an awesome slot to have! Try and read through all the profiles of the slots before going to your bias or picking a random member! I will try my hardest to make sure fair distributions in the story!


I will be asking for volunteers who are interested in helping with writing the story chapters. Credits will be given. You do not have to enter a character in this story if you want to write. Please pm me if interested. I want an idea of people who want to help before I do all the writing myself. 

UPDATE ( AS OF JULY 27, 2019 )

I don't think anyone will come back to look here at the rules now that this is kinda dead, but if you do: good for you, you'll get a small prize throughout the story. I just want to say thank you to those people who have actually stuck around till the end as of now where you see this update. I apologize for the wait and I hope to be releasing chapters soon! Also, if you didn't notice already, I am slowly revamping the book because some information has to go while some can stay. If you see in the very first chapter, I said that you can still apply after this has started. I don't think anyone will do it, but still if someone wants to, they can and I will add their character in the end. Since there are a lot of characters, I will write about your stories based on activeness. Hope you don't mind! See you soon guys! Love you lots!

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