VI • Cecilia Falls In With The German

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Cecilia awoke the next morning at 6:50. She did her chores without compliant, and was very appreciative of her father's simple breakfast of jam biscuits and tea and finished as quick as she could. She didn't want to get dragged into a conversation that morning, her mind was full of other thoughts and ideas. Isaac was waiting by Chaney's Field when she got there and the two walked to school in mostly silence. Isaac was thrown off by Cecilia's uncanny quietness, sensing something was amiss.

"You alright, Cec?" He asked as they entered Setwood Village. "Everything good at home?"

Cecilia appeared startled at his question. "Oh, of course, silly! Nothing's the matter in the least. Where do you get such ideas?" She laughed merrily, and this disturbed Isaac even more. But he didn't push it, and when the two arrived at school on time, he had almost forgotten it entirely.

That afternoon it rained. Mrs Hartford gave everyone back their science tests, and Isaac was rather displeased with his B-plus grade. Cecilia, who got the same, seemed unable to care less.

But after all, Cecilia isn't a big fan of school. Isaac frowned as he glanced at her out of the left corner of his eye. Cecilia was yawning and looked completely disinterested. Come to think of it, she was yawning a lot today. But, she always tries to do her best and cares so much about learning the subject well. Honestly, shouldn't she be all chatty about her result? At least some sort of comment...

When the bell finally rang, Isaac sheepishly walked over to Cecilia - who was yawning.

"Cec, want to come over to my house on your way home? Looks like the sky's cleared. We could try and fix up my bike."

"Sounds like a plan, Issy!" Cecilia grinned at him, "Lead the way."

Isaac smiled back uncertainly, but did in fact lead the way back to his home. But before they could even start fixing the bicycle, it started to rain again and they ended playing three games of Round the Horn - all of which Isaac won, which oddly didn't seem to bother Cecilia at all. Then Dr Wright came home from work. After that, Cecilia seemed very uncomfortable and insisted she really must be heading home. It seemed to Isaac that before he could protest or even offer to walk her back, she was out the home and gone.

"My, she sure seemed in a rush to leave!" Dr Wright commented with a laugh, "Perhaps her father wasn't joking when he said Cecilia hated doctor's appointments."

"Oh, hush, Neville!" His wife scolded, "Cecilia's always been a sensible girl, she probably realized how late it was and didn't want her father to worry about her being gone. I am right, Isaac?"

"Yeah, mum." Isaac agreed offhandedly, his worry building. "Cecilia has always been a sensible girl." So why isn't she acting sensible now?

He recalled the past day and was unsettled by her behavior. Cecilia had disinterest and odd at school, far too cheerful in that afternoon as he destroyed her at Round the Horn, and particularly ran at the sight of his father. She barely chatted at all that day, merely yawned and had a dreamy look on her face. What on earth is up with her? Isaac thought, more curious than concerned now. Well, whatever it is, I'm gonna find out.

Of course, Isaac knew nothing about Cecilia's secret, the cause of her perplexing behavior. Cecilia had been feeling so very excited after she had confronted the German captain last night. Now that she had discovered that the German was not an immediate threat to the safety of the Empire Cecilia realized how dreadfully thrilling this all was. She had a secret. An important, daring, naughty, even dangerous, very adult secret.

There was an enemy soldier hiding in Dorset and she was the only one who knew about it. She, Cecilia Oliver, had a real secret that nobody else knew about. To her, it now did not particularly matter what the secret was, the point was that it existed. And was proper exciting.

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