im feeling s p i c y today

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Fukase pinned Piko onto the bed and made out with him. They swirled their tongues around, loving every second of it.

Fukase eventually moved his mouth down to Piko's neck and started to suck. The boy under him moaned and giggled from the feeling it gave him. Fukase continued to suck, lick, kiss, and nibble on Piko's neck, loving all the sounds his boyfriend made.

Fukase grabbed Piko's shirt and pulled it off, soon after removing his own shirt and started to suck Piko's nipple. Piko moaned some more, becoming aroused from this.

Eventually, Fukase got tired of playing with Piko's upper half and decided to move below the belt. He grabbed Piko's wasteband and pulled down the boy's shorts. He stared at the bulge in Piko's underpants and smirked.

Piko looked up at Fukase. He was blushing hard. This made Fukase smile more as he went to kiss Piko on his lips. He started rubbing Piko through his underwear. Piko moaned.

"You like it when I rub you like this, huh?" Fukase said with the biggest smirk.

"Mhm..." Piko said, almost with a whine.

"You want more, hmm?"

Piko nodded.

Fukase smiled and moved his head down to Piko's crotch. He started to suck Piko's covered bulge. Piko let out a loud moan as Fukase started to lick him.

"Please..." Piko said, "take my underwear off."

"Impatient much?" Fukase replied. He smirked and got close to Piko's ear. "You're such a slut."

Piko blushed even harder as Fukase chuckled. He removed Piko's briefs and stared at Piko's slightly erect dick. He smiled once more as he stroked it, making Piko moan with anxiousness.

"I bet you want me to suck it now, huh?" Fukase said.

"Mm... Mhm..." Piko once again replied.

"Hmm... Okay." Fukase put his mouth around the small tip, making Piko nearly scream. He licked around it, even licking the slit and eventually started to move his head down.

Piko squirmed and moaned, his eyes slightly watering from the pleasure he was receiving. He was soon nearly at his limit.

"Fu-Fukase..." Piko said, "I'm close..."

Fukase stopped sucking, causing Piko to whine, "Why'd you stop?"

"I can't let you cum yet," Fukase replied. "We haven't even fucked."

Piko pouted, causing Fukase to smile and kiss him.

"Damn, you're an impatient little boy," said Fukase. "Sucking you made me hard. You wanna suck me a little?"

Piko nodded enthusiastically as Fukase removed his pants and underwear. He sat on the bed and Piko got on his knees in front of him.

He started by stroking Fukase's cock, still amazed by how big it was, as the redhead moaned softly. Piko licked around the dick and eventually stuck the tip in his mouth. He started to bob his head while continuing to use his tongue.

Fukase moaned. Blow jobs from his boyfriend were always amazing to him. He loved everything about receiving one. He stroked Piko's hair with his right hand as Piko deepthroated his dick. It felt incredible. Soon, he was close.

"Piko, stop," Fukase calmly said. "Don't let me cum."

Piko took his mouth off Fukase's dick and looked up at him with an innocent face, waiting for Fukase's next instructions.

Fukase got up on the bed. "On your knees," he commanded.

Piko did as he was told, getting on all fours facing away from Fukase.

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